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The Awesome Office Show is an award-winning podcast that will help you become a better leader and create an irresistible company culture at your organization. We’re all about providing our listeners with actionable strategies and tactics from leaders at the most successful, most engaged companies (like The Honest Company, Riot Games, and MenloInnovations). Hosted by SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly.

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David Hassell interview David Hassell interview


Episode 100 | Ten Quotes That Will Make You a More Successful Leader

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Awesome Office show. Yep, you read that correctly - 100 episodes. (Crazy, right?) Those of you who have been on this journey with us from the beginning know that the show has evolved a bit over these past 99 episodes. Since launching back in 2015, we’ve interviewed bestselling authors, learned from CEOs of some of the fastest growing companies in the country, recorded in front of live audiences, and of course, added a co-host - the lovable Sean Spear of Hughes Marino. But we believe - and I hope you agree - that as much as we’ve changed, the core mission has stayed the same: to provide meaningful insights on culture and leadership that will help you improve your business or just become a better version of yourself.
By |Jul, 17, 2017|Podcasts|

Episode 99 | How Erik Oberholtzer Turned Tender Greens Into a Multi-Million Dollar Success with Conscious Capitalism

Food for thought - what we eat matters. It might seem obvious, but the daily decision about what we eat has implications that ripple through our lives in unexpected ways. It’s not just about how our food choices affect things like our mood and overall health and well-being (although that’s obviously super important). The seemingly trivial question of what we eat and how we eat it defines our relationship to the global food supply, and in this way shapes our impact on the world we all share. No one understands this better than Erik Oberholtzer, the co-founder and CEO of Tender Greens. A classically trained chef, Erik cut his teeth in fine dining establishments in places like San Francisco, cooking for the city’s wealthy elite. Fed up with “cooking for the 1%,” Erik moved south to LA and launched Tender Greens, a “fine casual” concept specializing in healthy, delicious, and sustainable food at a price point anyone can enjoy.
By |Jul, 10, 2017|Podcasts|

Episode 98 | How Self-Driving Cars Will Reshape the Way We Live and Work, with Fifth Wall Co-Founder Brendan Wallace

Did you ever wonder why we’re so passionate about creating awesome offices? It’s really pretty simple - Where you work often determines how you work. And how you work ultimately determines your success. This week’s guest is Brendan Wallace, the co-founder and managing partner of Fifth Wall, and the perfect person to break down how our physical environment impacts our work and lives. Fifth Wall is a venture capital firm focused on technology solutions for the “Built World.”
By |Jul, 05, 2017|Podcasts|

Episode 97 | How hmbldt Plans to Become the Coca-Cola of Cannabis, with hmbldt CEO Gunner Winston

Hmbldt CEO Gunner Winston doesn’t want to settle for best-in-class. In part, that’s because hmbldt’s space - the cannabis industry - is so nascent, that beating their competitors just isn’t a big enough challenge. But more than that, Gunner sees medical marijuana as simply a consumer product, no different than a lot of other CPG brands. And in the CPG space, a superior brand is a gigantic competitive advantage. So Gunner and the hmbldt team are setting their sights higher. They’re not on a mission to build a best-in-class brand, but a world class one. Picture the Coca-Cola of Cannabis.
By |Jun, 26, 2017|Podcasts|