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Top 9 Tips to Create a More Loving, Giving, & Profitable Company | #SPKup Episode 11

Seeing as February is the time of year most closely associated with love, we're shifting gears this month to focus on love, compassion, and empathy in the workplace. For many, love in the workplace is still a bit of a taboo subject. It wasn't long ago that the office was a strictly unemotional place. Heavy emotions just weren't discussed, let alone celebrated or rewarded. But times have changed. More and leaders have realized that a loving and giving culture doesn't just make for an enjoyable work life, but for a more profitable business as well.
By |Feb, 04, 2017|Podcasts|

Top Lessons on Leadership from Harvard | #SPKup Episode 10

Each year, 190 CEOs from 40 different countries gather at Harvard Business School for an intense week of learning, teaching, and sharing. It's a truly special program organized by the Young President's Organization that brings together some of the best and brightest leaders around the globe. Among them, AO's own Sean Kelly. Sean's back this episode to give us his top learnings from another immersive week at HBS. And like year's past, the week was full of breakthroughs and surprises. One of those surprises - the telltale signs when it's time for an employee to move on.
By |Jan, 29, 2017|Podcasts|

Episode 77 | How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Office Subcultures

This week we explore a phenomenon that few leaders understand, and even fewer take full advantage of, despite the powerful effects in can have on your company. We're talking about the office subculture. Sure, a lot of leaders are starting to come around on the idea of company culture. But what about subcultures? How do they work, and how might they have a place in your business? What do we mean by subculture? We mean a distinct team or department culture within an already well-defined company culture. We wanted to know how these smaller cultures develop, why they might be necessary in your organization, and how to go about shaping and defining them. To help us find out, I spoke to Chelsie Lee, the VP of Customer Success and Experience at SnackNation.
By |Jan, 21, 2017|Podcasts|

The Top 3 New Beliefs to Experience a Better & More Fulfilling Life | #SPKup Episode 9

For a lot us, the beginning of a New Year is all about change. Our sights are set on changing our diet, changing our habits, changing our careers - changing our lives. But as we explore in this week’s episode none of this change is possible unless we first change our beliefs. Hold your beliefs constant and your life is guaranteed to stay the same. Change your beliefs and… real magic can start to happen.
By |Jan, 13, 2017|Podcasts|