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David Hassell interview David Hassell interview


Episode 110 | How to Adopt the Champion’s Mindset, with NFL Running Back Reggie Bush

At Awesome Office, we often say that your company is like a sports team, and I think after hearing this interview you’ll definitely agree. This week we’re bringing you a conversation with Reggie Bush Yes, THAT Reggie Bush: Super Bowl Champion, two-time NCAA National Champion, and Heisman Trophy Winner Reggie Bush. Not only is Reggie a great storyteller, but he’s a thoughtful guy with a pretty unique life experience and point of view. As you’ll hear in this episode, Reggie shares some of the lessons he’s learned in his decade-plus NFL career that we can all apply as we seek to achieve excellence at our own organizations.
By |Sep, 25, 2017|Podcasts|

Episode 109 | How to Transform Your Company by Creating a Culture of Deep Connection, a special presentation by Sean Kelly

This week on the podcast we’re featuring a recent presentation that I gave at the Human Capital Institute conference in San Francisco. It’s all about transforming your company - not with things like new technology or processes or management techniques - but something a lot more fundamental to who we are. Human Connection. As you’ll hear in a minute, I dig into the how and why of creating a NEW type of company - one where the goal is to help people become the best versions of themselves. That means your customers and your employees. (Especially the latter.) I really wanted to share this presentation with you because it contains strategies, tactics, and stories that I haven’t told on this podcast before, but I know you’ll be able to apply at your company.
By |Sep, 18, 2017|Podcasts|

Episode 108 | How Top Performers Train their Minds to Win, with Dr. Glenn Fox of USC’s Performance Science Institute

When we think about training for high performance, we usually think about training our bodies. We might even think about working our craft. But how often do we consider training our emotions? Not very often, right? Well, if we care about performance, that’s actually a huge mistake. That’s a big part of we explore in this episode with Dr. Glenn Fox. Dr. Fox leads program design at USC’s Performance Science Institute, where he works with top athletes to devise strategies that optimize their abilities. He’s an expert on the ways that emotions - particularly gratitude and optimism - drive performance. According to his research, the ability to regulate emotions is the number one predictor of success in life.
By |Sep, 11, 2017|Podcasts|

Episode 107 | How to Turn Your Biggest Competitor Into Your Best Friend, with VTS Co-Founder Brandon Weber

Starting a business is hard. Scaling a business is much harder. That’s one of the biggest takeaways from our interview with Brandon Weber, the co-founder and chief product officer of VTS. VTS is the world's leading asset management and leasing platform, transforming an industry that until very recently has resisted the technological innovations that others have embraced. With one foot in computer science and another in real estate, Brandon is the perfect person to bring this stodgy industry into the 21st century. In this interview, Brandon walks us through this journey, including the trials and tribulations of scaling, and tells us why he and his biggest rival ultimately decided to join forces.
By |Sep, 05, 2017|Podcasts|