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Welcome to the Awesome Office blog, the official blog of AWE.

What the heck is AWE? I’m glad you asked, because it’s pretty awesome.

AWE stands for the Association of Workplace Engagement, and is an organization whose mission is to help companies create unique, vibrant and inspiring workspaces that promote high levels of employee engagement, wellness, and productivity;

Workspaces that are talent magnets and combine high performance with an intense amount of joy;

Workspaces where both personal and organizational growth are pervasive, that are purpose and passion fueled;

Workspaces where above all else, real magic is created – for the employees, the customers, the shareholders, and therefore, society at large. 

We like to call these workspaces Awesome Offices.

Employee Engagement AWE Sean Kelly CEO

We also believe that HR doesn’t have to be dull, and that HR professionals should be celebrated as the rockstars they truly are. In fact, we believe HR is arguably the most exciting and important department within organizations. After all, an organization is nothing more than the people who make it up. 

But we don’t think HR-related decisions and actions should be left for those with HR titles to figure out. No way. The issues surrounding HR departments today are so essential to an organization’s success – or for that matter, an organization’s survival – that HR should be at the forefront of every executive’s mind.

Times are changing, and changing fast. What people expected, yearned for, and cared about 10 years ago is very different than today. “Let HR handle it” should no longer be a phrase executives use when speaking about culture, retention, hiring, engagement, or performance alignment.

The creation and maintenance of an Awesome Office is only possible when engagement optimization is continually on the minds of both HR pros and the executives behind them.

What you can expect from us.
From an overarching perspective, we want to help put the “Human” back in “Human Resources.  More specifically, and as it relates to you, our goal is to help you create or maintain a more Awesome Office.

To achieve this mission, we offer exclusive weekly content featuring expert opinion from some of the leading thinkers in employee engagement, wellness, and productivity. You’re here because in at least some way you’re relied-upon for shaping the right culture for your organization. And we’re here to give you the tools and ideas to do just that.

Employee Engagement AWE Hank Fortener

And because we know that everyone consumes content differently, we will be providing this information in a variety of different formats, including long form articles, short form inspirational posts, videos, podcasts, and of course, one-of-a-kind events.

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So what makes an office truly awesome?

Employee Engagement AWE Event

At AWE, we define an Awesome Office as one that fulfills each the following criteria:

Authentic leadership
Work with a purpose
Environment of recognition
Space that wows
Opportunity to grow
Management that cares
Exclusive inclusiveness

Let’s dive in a bit further to make sure we really understand what these criteria mean:

Authentic leadership: Authentic leaders are those who consistently present a clear vision for the company, are comfortable being vulnerable with their team, and are genuine and believable in their communication and actions.

Work with a purpose: When you clearly articulate the purpose behind your company and product, it will serve as a guiding principle for every decision your employees make, and inspire them to think of creative solutions to your company’s particular problem.

Environment of recognition: As human beings, there are few things we want more than to feel significant.  Genuine recognition – both one-on-one and in front of a group – is a great way to let people know that they are significant, that they matter, and that they are appreciated. Awesome companies engrain recognition into their culture and set up systems to ensure that recognition is consistently flowing.

Space that wows: Work-life balance is a thing of the past; to thrive today, companies need a workspace that allows for work-life integration by creating a seamless experience for employees both inside and outside the office.

Opportunity to grow: If your employees don’t feel like they’re growing – both professionally and personally, and in ways that are meaningful to them – they’ll be short-lived contributors. But if they’re immersed in a culture of growth and feel like the company and their managers want them to get better for their own sake (not just the organization’s), real magic will occur.

Management that cares: We’ve all heard the saying: “People don’t leave companies, they leave managers.” Managers should set-up their team members for success by establishing clear-cut goals for each person, and tying these goals directly into the goals of the team/department and the company as a whole.

Exclusive inclusiveness: Do you think it’s a coincidence that the root word of “culture” is “cult”? It’s not. Today people identify themselves by the communities and social groups of which they’re a part.

Our Inaugural Awesome Office Event.

Last month, we held what will be the first of many Awesome Office events at The Reserve in Playa Vista, CA. On hand were forward thinking CEOs, HR professionals, and culture and engagement specialists from some of the leading companies in Los Angeles, including Google, Red Bull, Honest Company, Hulu, TOMS, Edgecast, CBRE, TrueCar, Fox, Microsoft, Warner Brothers, Steelcase, TriNet, HUMAN, Sony, Club W, Luxe, Verizon, and many more.

In addition to farm-to-table food, free massages courtesy of Soothe, and custom intention bracelets courtesy of MyIntent, attendees were treated to TED style presentations from AdoptTogether.org and World Adoption Day founder Hank Fortener and Quest Nutrition co-founder and president Tom Bilyeu.

A great time was had by all… and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

(For the entire gallery, and to tag and share your own photos, visit us on Facebook! All photos by Maya Myers.)


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