Episode 12 | The Wall Street Guide to Creating a Rich Culture with VEEV Spirit’s Courtney Reum

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Courtney Reum interview

With its reputation for long hours, high stress, and a results-first mindset, Wall Street isn’t necessarily thought of as a hotbed of cultural innovation. But today’s guest would beg to differ.

On this episode of the Awesome Office Show we talk to Courtney Reum, an innovative entrepreneur, angel investor, and leader with a background in building consumer products brands. Courtney is best known as the CEO of VEEV Spirits, an all natural premium spirit brand that he co-founded with his brother Carter. What started as a two-man team selling VEEV out of the trunks of their cars, has turned into one of the best-selling independent liquor brands in the U.S.

As VEEV’s chief executive, Courtney is responsible for directing the culture of the wildly successful brand. And while it hasn’t always been easy, VEEV the company is known for its spirit of disruption and creative innovation. But what we found most interesting was how it was Courtney and Carter’s  stint at Goldman Sachs that actually had the biggest influence on the culture and esprit de corps at VEEV. 


  • Courtney talks about why LA is actually a fantastic place to start a company.
  • Courtney breaks down why he’s strayed away from the “old school” Steve Jobs archetype of leadership, and come around to the servant-leader model.
  • Courtney describes the hiring challenges he faced in the early days of VEEV.
  • Courtney explains why a formal education is beneficial but not required to become a successful entrepreneur, as well as why he doesn’t take as much stock in potential candidate’s educational pedigrees as you’d expect.
  • Courtney explains how his experience at Goldman Sachs set the standard for a phenomenal work culture.
  • Courtney tells us how a company culture can go astray, and the steps you must take to fix it.


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