The Top 8 Ways to Transform Your Company in the New Year

(Without Spending A Dime)

#SPKup Episode 8

David Hassell interview David Hassell interview
 The New Year isn’t just a chance to hit the reset button on our individual goals, it’s also a great opportunity to start a new path for your company and its culture.

At SnackNation and Awesome Office Inc., we’ve started 2017 in a brand new 21,000 square foot space, and it’s reenergized the entire company after a fast-paced year that saw growth in every aspect of the business.

But you don’t have to switch offices to give your culture – and your business – a transformative boost. There are things that you can do right now that won’t cost you a dime.

In fact, that’s exactly what this podcast is all about – the top 8 ways to transform your company in the new year without spending any money.

Here’s a cheat sheet to give you a quick rundown.

  1. Make Vulnerability A Priority 4:45
  2. Implement Individual Development Plans 7:05
  3. Build-In FORCED Gratitude & Recognition 9:35
  4. Create & Experience Frequent Company Challenges 11:45
  5. Take a Day Off & Get More through Volunteering 14:38
  6. Make Hand-Written Cards Part of Your Culture 16:08
  7. Launch Your Own University 17:46
  8. Mix-it Up with Newness 19:40

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