Episode 132 |  How to Achieve 7x Growth While Giving Your Team More Ownership

with WorldBlu Founder and CEO Traci Fenton

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We just launched our first culture-focused Brand Builder, and here it is – a conversation with Traci Fenton, the CEO and founder of WorldBlu.

Have you ever worked in a fear-based environment? One where you spend every waking minute walking on eggshells? Where the wrath of a demanding boss is always top of mind, stifling creativity and innovation?

If you have, you know it’s not fun.

In fact, it can be downright miserable for employees. And, ironically, it doesn’t produce great results either. Instead of precise, high quality output, you’re much more likely to see uninspired, unimaginative work – and an anemic bottom line to match.

So what’s the antidote to a fear-based workplace?

Today’s guest has something to say about that.

In our inaugural Culture Builder edition of Brand Builder, we speak to Traci Fenton, a globally recognized researcher, speaker, author, and the founder and CEO of WorldBlu.

Traci founded WorldBlu in 1997 and has helped spark and lead the global conversation around reinventing workplaces using freedom and organizational democracy rather than fear and control. She and the team envision one billion people living, leading, and working in freedom worldwide.

SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly spoke with Traci about what it takes to create a Freedom Centered Workplace, and the astounding results you can achieve within the WorldBlu framework.


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