Episode 23 | 8 Lessons for Leaders of Significance

David Hassell interview David Hassell interview

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Our last episode was all about looking ahead —

Towards the New Year, the future, the things we want to achieve and the path that will take us there.

Now we take a moment to look back and reflect on the year that was.

Because as important as planning, preparation, and goal setting are, it’s the process – the journey – that matters most.

And there are always lessons to be learned.

So in today’s Awesome Office Show, we take a look back and share the top 8 leadership learnings from 2015.

Here’s a quick summary of the topics we explore in-depth in the episode.

#1 – The key to leading an ultra productive and fulfilled life is to say no to all but the essential.

Do less, but better. Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism provides a framework for achieving this ideal. 

#2 – Effective communication requires empathy, not expectation.

They key to connecting with an audience – be it a group of colleagues, an audience at a speaking appearance, or readers of a blog post – is to put yourself in their shoes and think about how you can make their day better, take away some of their burdens, or answer their burnig questions. Guest Hank Fortener is an expert on the subject. 

#3 – The single most important marketing question is who do you want your customer to become?

It’s not about the product or service, it’s how that product or service can positively transform your customer. Michael Schrage’s book makes a strong, eloquent case for this idea. 

#4 – The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human

An idea credited to John Naisbitt in his book Megatrends. For those of us who focus on people, this represents an enormous opportunity to innovate and make a positive impact.

#5 – Stress and discomfort are an essential part of a productive office.

An idea explored in our conversation with 15five CEO David Hassell, that a certain amount of discomfort and good stress (or eustress) is necessary in order for employees to experience breakthroughs and do their best work.

#6 – Know your team’s personal and professional goals.

They’re intertwined; don’t pretend like they aren’t. 

#7 – Don’t think of people staying as good and leaving as bad.

Tons of toxic cultures have extremely low attrition rates. Think of your company as a D1 college sports team; some employees go pro, others join your coaching staff. Reid Hoffman’s The Alliance and Richard Sheridan’s Joy Inc. explore this concept and explode the myth that high retention = good culture.  

#8 – Exercise to feel great, eat to lose weight.

A simple change in mindset can unlock the motivation you need to live more productive, healthier lifestyle. When you focus on feeling good and recharging your energy when you workout, you’ll be less likely to skip and more likely to

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