The Top 3 New Beliefs to Experience a Better & More Fulfilling Life

#SPKup Episode 9

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For a lot us, the beginning of a New Year is all about change.

Our sights are set on changing our diet, changing our habits, changing our careers – changing our lives.

But as we explore in this week’s episode none of this change is possible unless we first change our beliefs.

Hold your beliefs constant and your life is guaranteed to stay the same.

Change your beliefs and… real magic can start to happen.

Sean explores this idea in much further depth in the episode, but here’s a quick rundown of the 3 new beliefs you can adopt to experience a better life in 2017.

Belief #1: The way others are around us is a reflection of ourselves, not them. When we start to take complete ownership of our surroundings it forces us to look at ourselves and see how we can improve.

Belief #2: The way we view the world says much about ourselves and very little about the world. As human beings we love to label people and things. That person is arrogant. That activity is stupid. But what do these labels, and these perceptions, say about us?

Belief #3: Those things that we resent in others is typically due to deficiencies or dislikes we see in ourselves. Think about a person you resent, or a particular trait of a person that you resent. Dig deep here. What does this resentment say about you?

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