Ten Tips to Negotiate Like a Boss

#SPKup Episode 3


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We’re back this week with another #SPKup episode, in which Sean answers the questions and breaks down the topics that you’re dying to know more about.

This time Sean focuses on a topic that he gets asked about all the time –


For a lot of us, negotiation can be a bit mystifying, and as a result artful negotiation remains a drastically under utilized tactic. But the truth is, negotiation is a skill like any other, and anyone can master it.

What makes Sean an expert? Besides the countless deals he’s negotiated in more than a decade as an entrepreneur, he also took top negotiation honors at a recent Harvard Business School executive leader summit.

So whether you’re making the case for a better salary or making a million dollar real estate deal, here are the top ten tips that will help you come out on top of your next negotiation.

Top Takeaways

  • Sean shares why human connection is such an important part of negotiation.
  • Sean explains why you have to have the mindset that you are actually the least important part of the process, and tells us what he believes is the most important part.
  • Sean explains the importance of body language in negotiation.
  • Sean reminds us what “winning” really means in the context of deal making.
  • Sean shares why most deals don’t get done, and why preparation is the key to a fruitful negotiation.
  • Sean tells us why adding more items to a negotiation is a tactic to get what you want.
  • Sean explains how information creates trust in a negotiation, and why you should be willing to put more of your cards on the table, not less.
  • Sean relays the importance of intangibles.
  • Sean reminds us that money isn’t always the ultimate goal in a negotiation (even though most people assume it is).
  • Sean tells us why get those early yes’s are so important, and how to get them.
  • Sean describes the importance of making incremental progress, and why deadlines don’t work.
  • Finally, Sean explains why not thinking big enough is one of the most common mistakes people make in negotiations.

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