Episode 18 | Pt. 1: How to Bet on Yourself and Win, with Tangram CEO Joe Lozowski

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We like to say that one necessary part of an Awesome Office is a “space that wows,” and there are few people more qualified to speak to this than Joe Lozowski. 

That’s because Joe is the majority owner, President and CEO of Tangram Interiors, the largest contract furniture distributor in the Western United States. With offices and showrooms in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, the San Fernando Valley and the Inland Empire, Tangram has emerged as a model dealership in North America, employing 275 people.

With all this success, you might be surprised to learn that Joe’s foray into the furniture industry involved leaving a lucrative career in a different industry – and taking a 100% pay cut in the process.

That’s all part of what Joe calls “betting on yourself,” and it’s not only a key to his own success, but something he tries to instill in Tangram employees.

That’s why he thinks of Tangram less as a company, and more as a “platform for success.”

Joe tells us what it takes to bet on yourself and win – and much more – in this two part Awesome Office interview.

Key Takeaways

  • Joe explains what he means by betting on yourself, and why he decided to take a 100% pay cut to join Steelcase early in his career.
  • Joe describes why he thinks of Tangram as a platform for success.
  • Joe tells us what it takes to create a “space that wows.”
  • Joe explains why he hasn’t had an office in 13 years, and why
  • Finally Joe tells us the most important question he asks clients while working on their interiors. 


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