Episode 104 | Why Virtual Reality is Going to Change Your Life,

with  Survios Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer James Iliff

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Sometimes Virtual Reality gets a bad rap. Everything new is a little scary, and there’s a fear on the part of some that widespread adoption of VR means that we’ll somehow get “lost in the Matrix.”

But as this week’s guest James Iliff tells us, that isn’t likely. Why? Because virtual reality isn’t about cutting yourself off from the world, it’s about expanding your experience of the world, and enhancing our understanding of who we are as human beings.

James is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Survios, an “active VR” company based in Los Angeles. James and his team create groundbreaking interactive content powered by their cutting edge immersive technology. Translation – they make super fun VR games like Sprint Vector and Raw Data. And the best part – these games actually get you off the couch and moving.

In this interview, James provides a deep dive on the world of virtual and augmented reality, which he believes will massively change the way we live in the very near future. As he describes, gaming and entertainment are only the first movers for VR. The platform has the potential to transform a wide variety of fields, including education, psychology, real estate, and travel.

James also tells us about the genesis of Survios, the company’s awesome LA headquarters, and the unique culture that they’ve developed to support Survios’ groundbreaking work.


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