The Top Mistakes Early Stage Entrepreneurs Make – and How to Fix Them

#SPKup Episode 2

David Hassell interview David Hassell interview


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Awesome Officers, we’re back to answer your burning questions with another episode of #SPKup.

This time out, SPK focuses on entrepreneurship, and shares the top mistakes that early-stage entrepreneurs make, plus how to fix them. He also opens up about what he’s struggling with professionally, the new skills he’s trying to cultivate, and how to maintain the relationships within your professional network.

Again, we did this live smack dab in the middle of SnackNation HQ, so you can hear (and see in the video) some of our awesome team members taking care of business.

Keep those questions coming! Ask @seanpk via Twitter and use the hashtag #SPKup and Sean will answer it in the next edition of #SPKup.

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