Top Lessons on Leadership from Harvard  #SPKup Episode 10

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SPK up 10 HBS

Each year, 190 CEOs from 40 different countries gather at Harvard Business School for an intense week of learning, teaching, and sharing. It’s a truly special program organized by the Young President’s Organization that brings together some of the best and brightest leaders around the globe. 

Among them, AO’s own Sean Kelly. 

Sean’s back this episode to give us his top learnings from another immersive week at HBS. And like year’s past, the week was full of breakthroughs and surprises.

One of those surprises – the telltale signs when it’s time for an employee to move on.

As we’ve said before on this show, effective leaders know that retention shouldn’t be an end-all-be-all priority. High-growth businesses depend on individual growth – both  personal and professional. Often, “graduation” out of a role – or even a company – is an inevitable outcome. But there are also instances when it’s to both party’s benefit if an employee simply moves on. This was a heated topic during the summit, and Sean lays out the telltale signs when this should happen.

That’s not all. Sean also shares why good is sometimes the enemy of great, how to measure the potential growth in a new hire, and the best stories he heard from this phenomenal group of leaders and thinkers.

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