Episode 40 | From Rock Bottom to Rock Stardom: A Story About Finding Your Purpose, with Tony G

with ShipOffers CEO Tony Grebmeier

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Vulnerability is a big theme on this show.Time and again, we’ve learned that leaders who are willing to be vulnerable are able to communicate more authentically and forge truer connections with their teams.

No one embodies this idea quite like this week’s guest, ShipOffers partner Tony Grebmeier.

As you’ll see in this week’s episode, Tony G is an open book.

A recovering addict, he’s unafraid to talk candidly about his darkest moment, when he was moments away from taking his own life.

But Tony has come a long way from rock bottom. Today, he focuses on being 100% fully aware and present in everything he does. And he does a lot. Tony hosts the Entrepreneur Unplugged podcast, and his company, ShipOffers, is a trusted source for elite marketers of health and beauty products, acting as strategic partners for direct response marketers in 43 countries around the globe.

Tony shares the secrets to his amazing comeback story with us, including a little trick he’s learned to liberate himself from his inbox.

(Yes, Tony G might have just solved email.)

Key Takeaways
  • Tony shares what it’s like being in business with his two childhood best friends, and why sometime you can’t help someone just by giving them a job.
  • How the business evolved from selling stuff online to wholesaling for online retailers.
  • How a series of knee surgeries led to a debilitating addiction to pain killers and alcohol.
  • How Tony found a renewed purpose after being on the brink of suicide.
  • Why leading with a servant heart was so essential to Tony’s recovery.
  • The importance of asking for help, and why that’s a part of ShipOffers’ culture.
  • Why ShipOffers hires quickly and throws new hires in the mix to see what they can do.
  • How Tony freed himself from email.
  • How anyone can find their unique ability.


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