Episode 103 | Why Work Environment Can Be Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

With Russell Shubin of Shubin Donaldson

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AWE Episode graphic Russell Shubin

We’ve talked a lot about why your work environment is so important when it comes to maintaining an outstanding company culture, but no one has summed it up as succinctly as this week’s guest, Russell Shubin:

“Form follows intention.”

These three simple words are a guiding principle for Russell, and in the context of his life’s work, they point to creating spaces where companies can innovate and individuals can thrive.

Russell is the co-founder of and a partner at Shubin Donaldson, a leading architecture and design firm that create awe-inspiring commercial interiors.

In other words, he builds Awesome Offices for a living.

In this episode, Russell discusses how the firm’s residential work has informed how they design commercial spaces, how your office environment can actually set your company up for growth, and why the Shubin Donaldson internal culture has been so crucial to their success.

Russell also walks us through the firm’s “Occupy” series, a weekly employee-led teaching and learning session that takes place in the firm’s onsite metal- and woodshop.

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