Episode 114 | How to Lead with Radical Candor

5 Tips for Radically Better Internal Communication, with Sean Kelly

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Radical Candor is de rigeur in business these days.

It’s a concept that pops up again and again – in business books, conference keynotes, and even, dare I say, podcasts.

But what is Radical Candor? And how do you pull it off with alienating people? (I.e. making people think you are a giant, insensitive weirdo.)

In this episode, SnackNation CEO Sean kelly breaks down the theory behind the practice, describes how it will benefit your business, and tells you exactly how to implement it at your organization at every level.

You will learn:

  • What Radical Candor is and how it will make your company better.
  • How to integrate Radical Candor in company-wide communications – risks and benefits.
  • How Candor and Culture intersect.
  • How Radical Candor extends to your brand.

Radical Candor Quick Reference Guide:

  1. Radical Candor is all about respect.
  2. It requires that you connect with people personally.
  3. Make sure you get permission to use Radical Candor – especially with your boss.
  4. If you’re a leader, set the example – show your team you can handle the ugly truth.
  5. Express feelings and fears – people want connection, growth, and authenticity.