Top 9 Tips to Create a More Loving, Giving, & Profitable Company

#SPKup Episode 11

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Seeing as February is the time of year most closely associated with love, we’re shifting gears this month to focus on love, compassion, and empathy in the workplace. 

For many, love in the workplace is still a bit of a taboo subject. It wasn’t long ago that the office was a strictly unemotional place. Heavy emotions just weren’t discussed, let alone celebrated or rewarded.

But times have changed. More and leaders have realized that a loving and giving culture doesn’t just make for an enjoyable work life, but for a more profitable business as well.

This week Sean tackles how to create a more loving, giving, and profitable company, offering his top nine tips for making this happen.

Sean goes into much more depth of course, but here’s a quick rundown of his suggestions:

  1. Encourage people to share their fears and dissents. Remember, the only way we can create change is by engaging with people who think differently than we do. 10:22
  2. Create forced moments of connection.  Break open departmental silos to encourage greater empathy and understanding. 14:00
  3. Openly integrate the practice of gratitude at your workplace. Gratitude makes it virtually impossible to feel angry or fearful. 16:48
  4. Get real with a charity or cause you care about. All charitable giving is laudable, but get max value by having your team give in a hands-on way. 18:01
  5. Integrate love, giving, selflessness or collaboration as a core value. Are these things important to your culture and business? Then make it official! 20:11
  6. Hire for empathy, especially at the management level and above. Remember, you don’t need rockstars as managers; you need people who yearn to make other people rockstars. 22:25
  7. Celebrate moments of selflessness, and build recognition around them. People have a funny way of doing the things you recognize them for. 27:20
  8. Encourage your leadership and management team to deliver five “wow” moments per week. This can be as simple as writing hand written notes.  29:06
  9. As a leader, put yourself first and encourage others to do the same. If you don’t care for yourself, you can’t take care of (or lead) others. 31:03
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