Episode 120 | How to Become a Magnet for Talent & Build a Top Performing Team

with ForceBrands CEO Josh Wand

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 AWE Episode 120 Josh Wand

Josh Wand believes that entrepreneurs need to “find their magic.”

What does that mean? Simply that entrepreneurs need to discover the things they do that nobody else can duplicate.

By all accounts Josh has found his. He’s a master connector, providing massive value by connecting brands with the talent they need to really break through.

Josh is the founder and Motivator in Chief at ForceBrands, the consumer product industry’s leading recruiting and staffing firm.

ForceBrands builds the teams that build incredible CPG brands. They’re “people for a ‘hire’ purpose,” offering executive search services, board of director assembly, and industry-specific job boards ―BevForce, FoodForce, and BeautyForce.

As such, the ForceBrands story is often told through those of the brands they serve. But in this in-depth interview, Josh gives us a rare glimpse into his upbringing, business philosophy, and the journey he took to become CPG’s most connected figure.

In this in-depth interview, you will learn:

  • Why story telling is at the heart of good recruiting.
  • A simple mindset shift that will help your team feel valued.
  • How to make your organization a magnet for talent.
  • How to find a good business partner.
  • Tips for CEOs to become more connected to their teams.