Episode 66 | How Dr. Joseph Antoun is Waging a War on Aging

with L-Nutra CEO Dr. Joseph Antoun

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When you get to know Dr. Joseph Antoun, you quickly realize that he’s deeply curious about the world in which we live.

In fact, he’s a renaissance man of sorts. Dr. Antoun Holds a Master’s in Health Care Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, a Master’s in Public Health from Johns Hopkins, and an MD and MS from St. Joseph University. On top of that, he holds four separate executive positions at places like the Health Systems Reform, the University of Chicago, the Journal of Health Systems Reform at the academic side, and the Global Healthspan Policy Institute. (I’m exhausted just typing that.)

But we were most interested in L-Nutra, the company for which he serves as CEO, and that’s poised to be the single most disruptive nutrition company in the 21st century.

It all comes down to the science of fasting. According to Dr. Antoun and his fellow researchers, fasting could hold the key to preventing many of the chronic illnesses that occur later in life. In fact, Dr. Antoun contends that it’s no coincidence that these conditions occur in our golden years. It turns out, most are actually symptoms of aging itself.

The key discovery is that when we fast, our bodies go into a protective, regenerative state, effectively reverse the process of aging, and therefore helping prevent and delay the onset of age-related chronic illnesses.  

Building on these findings, Dr. Antoun and L-Nutra have developed a product called Prolon, meal kits that don’t register as food to the body. Prolon causes the body to enter a regenerative fasting mode, while still providing proper nourishment.

We dive into this and a whole lot more, including Dr. Antoun’s upbringing, his views on leadership, and why creating positive change means finding alignment in both the public and private sectors. Needless to say, this was a fascinating, illuminating conversation.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Antoun explains the science behind fasting, and how it has the potential to prevent chronic age-related illnesses.
  • Dr. Antoun explains why our healthcare system is broken – and why “sick care” might be a more accurate name for it.
  • Dr. Antoun explains the term “health span,” and why increasing our health span – not our lifespan –  should be the goal.
  • Dr. Antoun makes the point that age related diseases come in series, and they might be better thought of as symptoms of aging rather than as illnesses in their own right.
  • Dr. Antoun explains how they developed Prolon, how it works, and why it has the potential to disrupt healthcare as we know it.
  • Dr. Antoun talks about his upbringing in Lebanon during the Palestinian occupation, and how years of struggle and hardship shaped his personality and forged his formidable drive.
  • Dr. Antoun recalls his early days as a cardiologist, and how he actually lost patients simply because they couldn’t afford healthcare.
  • Dr. Antoun explains how his journey from medicine to public policy to business is actually part of a three-pronged strategy to affect change.
  • Dr. Antoun explains his role in the war against aging, and why there has to be alignment between the public and private sectors.
  • Dr. Antoun explains how he is able to hold so many executive leadership positions, and shares his number one leadership trait.


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