Episode 112 | Introducing Brand Builder

a new podcast from the people behind Awesome Office

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This week we’ve got something a little different. We’re debuting a brand new podcast called Brand Builder, and we’re giving Awesome Office listeners an exclusive first listen.

Brand Builder is a new podcast from the folks behind Awesome Office that brings you the people, stories, and lessons learned from the most innovative brands in the world.

What can you expect on Brand Builder? Fascinating entrepreneur stories, tactics you can use to grow your business and solve your biggest problems… and a few bad puns thrown in for good measure.

To kick things off, we’re sharing this episode with Caue Suplicy, the CEO and co-founder of Barnana.

Barnana is a Santa Monica-based company that has taken the snack world by storm with their bite-sized bags of banana deliciousness. Caue and Barnana proved that you can improve on perfection, all while promoting values like sustainability and healthier living. But it wasn’t always an easy road – far from it. Caue tells the story of Barnana’s beginnings, and how he kept things together when things got tough.

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