Episode 106 | How to Know When a Pivot is the Right Move

with Hutch CEO & Co-Founder Beatrice Fischel-Bock

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We all want to experience success. But how do you get there? Is it a straight line? When do you know to adjust course or make big moves away from your original strategy?

This episode will dive into all of this.

HUTCH is a Los Angeles company that boasts an innovative product, major funding from marquee investors, and has even appeared on the TV show Shark Tank.

If you weren’t paying attention, Hutch might look like an overnight success.

But when you dig a littler deeper, the real story is much more complicated.

Hutch’s story is really one of perseverance, and knowing when to pivot your business – even when doing so might feel incredibly scary.

In this interview, Hutch CEO and co-founder Beatrice Fischel-Bock dives deep into these topics and tells us how she and her team made the tough decision to change course midstream.

We also learn the philosophies behind Hutch’s one-of-a-kind company culture, how Beatrice and her co-founders have successfully mixed business and friendship, as well as her secret to crushing your next investor pitch.

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