Episode 8 |How to Interview Like a Pro with ABC’s Jane Buckingham (part 1)

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Hiring and retention is top of mind for so many business leaders today – and rightfully so. But one of the most important steps in the process is often an afterthought: interviewing.

As an entrepreneur, career expert, and television personality, this week’s guest Jane Buckingham is no stranger to the art of the interview.

In fact, as the host of ABC Family’s Job or No Job, Jane advises young candidates on how to interview for their dream job. Each week she helps a recent college grad try and land a job in a highly competitive field like fashion, journalism, and tech. She knows a thing or two about the process, and was gracious enough to let us visit her in the Beverly Hills offices of Trendera, the consumer insights firm she founded to help brands create strategy and action around cultural shifts. In this two-part interview, Jane shared her best interview tips with The Awesome Office audience.

If that weren’t enough, Jane is also a mother, author, and an authority on the generational differences on the modern workplace, and she provided massive insight into these topics and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Jane describes the challenges of parenting in the networked age, and explains why young people today are often held to an unfair standard.
  • Jane weighs in on the importance of attending an elite university, and names the traits that she looks for in a candidate before she considers university pedigree.
  • Jane dives into a fascinating breakdown of the generational factors affecting the modern workplace.
  • Jane explains that it’s often the interviewers and not the interviewees making the biggest mistakes in the interview process.
  • Finally, Jane explains why Gen Xers and Baby Boomers fear Millennials, and why they should consider partnering with them instead.


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