Episode 121 | How to Hack Your Job for Optimal Meaning and Fulfillment

with SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly

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 AWE Episode 121 Hack Your Job

According to a 2014 survey of 20,000 U.S. employees, only 36% of workers find meaning in their work.

In other words, nearly two thirds of employees don’t find their jobs meaningful at all.

If that statistic alarms you (it should), or if you find yourself amongst the 64%, there’s hope on the horizon. Because there’s a solution, and it’s called job hacking.

This episode is all about job hacking – the art of redesigning your role to provide greater meaning and fulfillment.

While the benefits of job hacking are clear – a more fulfilling life, progress towards your goals, and the energy boost that comes with a sense of purpose – pulling it off is a lot trickier. Luckily, Awesome Office host Sean Kelly is here to guide you.

Despite being a CEO and an entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience leading teams and building brands, Sean is still hacking his job to this day.

Because job hacking isn’t just for front line employees who hate their jobs. Anyone can benefit from job hacking – including managers, leaders, and even C-level execs.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What we mean by job hacking, and who can benefit.
  • How to discover the activities that give you work meaning and fulfillment.
  • How to minimize the time spent on the things you don’t enjoy so you can focus on the ones you do.
  • How to communicate to your manager that you want to redesign your job.
  • How to add to your workload without overburdening yourself – and burning out.
  • How leaders can take advantage of job hacking principles.
  • Why job hacking ultimately makes your more valuable to the organization.
  • Plus specific job hacks that you can deploy in your role today.

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