Episode 70 How to Combine Marriage and Business

(and Why Your Spouse Just Might Be the Ultimate Business Partner)

with GinnyBakes CEO Ginny Simon

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If you’re a regular AO listener, you know that we’ve interviewed people from across the business spectrum – from first time entrepreneurs, to CEOs of hugely successful multinational brands, to scientists taking their cutting edge research to the market themselves. But there’s one business we just haven’t tackled yet.

The family business.

Thankfully Ginny Simon was kind enough to spend some time with us this week to tell us all about it. Ginny is the founder and CEO of GinnyBakes, a Miami-based company that makes gluten-free cookies and bake mixes, and that sees itself as a “gateway” to healthier eating. GinnyBakes is also a true family business, with Ginny’s son Michael and husband Steve playing integral roles in the brand’s daily operations and growth.

In the interview, Ginny sheds light on both the advantages and challenges of running a business with your spouse – both of which will probably surprise you – as well as what it took to finally convince her husband to wind down his law practice of 26 years and dive into GinnyBakes full time.

As Ginny tells it, their decision to join forces and bring son Michael into the fold is proving to be the right call. Today GinnyBakes has 35 employees, services more than 3,000 doors, and boasts deals with airlines and a thriving ecommerce business. Oh, and they also experienced 300% growth last year.

Ginny was a delight to interview – and we think you’ll agree that her “sweet” story is one worth devouring.

Key Takeaways

  • Ginny tells the story of going from a mother of four boys to the CEO of a natural products startup, and how being a mom prepared her for the demands of a growing business.
  • Ginny describes the moment that she knew she was onto something with GinnyBakes.
  • Ginny pinpoints the greatest challenge she has faced as an entrepreneur over the last six years, and how she has learned to overcome it.
  • Ginny also explains the biggest obstacle in the food business, and why part of her company’s mission is to fix it.
  • Ginny explains how (and why) she brought her husband and sons into the business, and lays out the challenges and advantages of doing so.


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