Episode 56 | How to Come Back from the Dead

with filmmaker Joe Cross

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Joe Cross is an Australian entrepreneur and filmmaker whose “reboot” concept empowers business leaders to take control of their health by making simple lifestyle changes.

But before he was the picture of health and wellness and a beacon of hope for thousands across the globe, Joe Cross was on death’s door.

By age 40, Joe’s health was in disarray, despite a flourishing career as a day trader and investor. As Joe explained it to us, he was focused on “wealth and not health,” and while he wasn’t looking his weight ballooned out of control. 100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe was at the end of his rope.

Enough was enough.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, Joe discovered that the power to change was within his control, and that he could “reboot” his health and his life by making simple lifestyle changes. He lost the weight, cured his own disease, and threw all the pills away.

And if he can do it, so can all of us.

Joe documented this journey from obesity and illness back to health and vitality in his first film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, a runaway success that has been viewed by countless people around the world.

Joe was gracious enough to spend some time sharing his amazing story, as well as strategies that can help all of us improve our health, longevity, and vitality, and do the work we were meant to do. 

Key Takeaways

  • Joe describes his reboot technique, and how it’s transformed his life.
  • Joe shares one simple change the average business leader can do to start living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Joe describes the “Two Rule,” a way to avoid sabotaging your health and nutrition goals while eating out at business meals.
  • Joe breaks down the 80/20 rule that guides his healthy lifestyle, and explains why maintaining a balance is so vital to your longterm health.
  • Joe shares a story about attending a rock concert in his youth that illustrates what a huge epiphany discovering a plant-based diet was for him.
  • Joe talks about the replacement vs. restriction dichotomy, and how replacement is the key to long term success when it comes to lifestyle changes.
  • Joe dives into his personal story, describing how he left high school at 17, became a courier for a merchant bank, and then a trader on the floor of Sydney’s Futures Exchange.
  • Joe descibes his life as a trader, and how he lost $200k on his worst day.
  • Joe explains how his obsession with work led to his ballooning weight and deteriorating health, and what he did about it.  
  • Joe tells us why it’s so important to climb a tree and make sure we’re in the right jungle instead of blindly hacking away with our machetes (so to speak).
  • Finally, Joe tells us why he became a filmmaker, and the role that storytelling plays in enacting positive social change.


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