Episode 117 | How FabFitFun Made the Swag Bag a Big Business

with FabFitFun co-CEO Daniel Broukhim

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You could say that FabFitFun is one of the more successful subscription box companies out there – and you wouldn’t be wrong – but I’m guessing that co-founder and co-CEO Daniel Broukhim might not totally agree.

That’s because he and his team see FabFitFun as less of a “box company” and more of an “un-boxing” company.

What’s the difference? Well not only is FabFitFun all about the joy of discovery that comes with unboxing their monthly (or quarterly) boxes filled with full size lifestyle products, but the FFF experience goes well beyond the box. The company provides exclusive content and products, community features, and even a proprietary augmented reality app.

And they’ve clearly struck a nerve with this “unbox” experience. Last year the company grew by 300%, while their headcount grew to 168.

Daniel sat with Awesome Office host Sean Kelly to discuss everything from the company’s origins as a content side project, to how Daniel’s leadership style has changed as he’s seen the company balloon from just a few employees to more than 160, and how his father’s entrepreneurial example (and tough love) have impacted the company that he co-founded with his brother.


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