Episode 95 | How Esports Became Bigger than Baseball

with Team Liquid COO Mike Milanov

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AWE Episode graphic Mike Milanov

In case you haven’t heard, esports are kind of a big deal.

They’ve attracted massive worldwide audiences, sold out live events at Staple Center and Madison Square Garden in mere minutes, and boast an aggregate viewership that has eclipsed traditional sports like baseball.

To bring us up to speed, we talk to someone on the leading edge of the esports revolution – Mike Milanov.

Mike is the COO of Team Liquid, a professional esports organization with 62 athletes competing in 10 different leagues, including League of Legends, Counterstrike, and Overwatch.

It might help to think of TeamLiquid like a traditional sports franchise like the Cleveland Cavaliers – if the Cavs organization also fielded teams in nine other sports.

In this conversation, Mike breaks down the ins and out of managing a successful e-sports franchise (including the lifestyle of a typical TeamLiquid athlete), walks us through his daily habits and management style, and predicts the future for this rapidly changing industry.

He also talks about why culture matters in the esports world, and why it’s so important to “say yes to the things that make you uncomfortable.”


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