Episode 7 | How to Become a World-Class Communicator with Hank Fortener (part 2)

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Become a better communicator with Hank Fortener

In Episode 7 we continue our conversation with speaker, communication expert, and World Adoption Day founder Hank Fortener.

For part two, Hank gives us a deep dive on what makes a great communicator – and some of his ideas will definitely surprise you. For starters, Hank tells us why preparation and empathy are the keys to great communication, why storytelling is at the heart of great leaders and great companies, as well the biggest mistake leaders make when communicating to their employees. 

Just like part one, part two of our conversation with Hank is packed with actionable tips, engrossing stories, and great book recs, all delivered with Hank’s trademark humility and sense of humor. We love the way Hank thinks about his work, his life, and the businesses he advises, and we think you will too.

If you haven’t yet, check out part one of our conversation here.

Key Takeaways

  • Hank explains what he means by “real-time clear thinking,” and explains why this, in combination with an overwhelming sense of empathy, is the key to great communication.
  • Hank walks us through the tactics he uses to put himself in the mind of his audience before he speaks.
  • Hank breaks down what he calls the “magic of communication.”
  • Hank tells us why storytelling is at the heart of great leadership and great companies, and explains why listening and observation are actually the most important traits of great storytellers.
  • Hank breaks down the difference between actual meaningful communication and mere self-expression.
  • Hank tells us why the most successful people say no to most things, and yes to only a few.
  • Finally, Hank explains why maximizing your team’s capabilities is the mark of a great leader.


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