Episode 51 | 15 for 50: The Top 15 Insights from the Awesome Office Show

with Sean Kelly

David Hassell interview David Hassell interview


15 for 50

Awesome Officers, I hope you are having another fantastic week filled with presence, productivity, and rejuvenation.

We’ve done fifty episodes – that’s fifty great guests, fifty insightful conversations, and fifty interviews packed with actionable tips and insights to help your company create the culture it needs to thrive, and for you to excel as a leader and someone who just wants to get better.

It’s been fascinating to see the through lines in these episodes. A number of themes have certainly come up, some of them repeatedly.

That’s why we put together this “15 for 50” … that is, the top 15 takeaways from the first 50 episodes of the Awesome Office show thus far.

These are the things that surprised us, fascinated us…the things that really made us say “huh, thats awesome, I should change my thinking” or those things that just plain made us laugh.

We also have one bonus clip for you – one of the funniest answers we’ve heard on the minute of magic.

Key Takeaways

  • Jason Nazar sums up the changing nature of the employer-employee relationship. 3:25
  • Tom Bilyeu tells us why he sees all of life as disciplined practice.  7:40
  • Hank Fortener shares the secret to impactful communication. 9:57
  • Jane Buckingham explains why you should collaborate with – not fear – Millennial employees. 13:37
  • Vinnie Fisher tells us how to find the heartbeat of your business, and why it’s so important. 18:51
  • Christopher Gavigan tells us why he still personally takes 30-50 customer service calls per week. 22:36
  • David Hassell describes what he calls “good discomfort,” and why it’s so important to high growth businesses. 24:58
  • Jason Weiss explains the “fail of the week” at Scopely. 27:16
  • Richard Sheridan explains why low attrition isn’t necessarily the sign of a good company culture, and names a better KPI. 29:45
  • Marc Merrill tells us why Riot Games only hires gamers, and why they’ve stuck to this policy even as they’ve scaled. 33:13
  • Rob Bell explains why leaders are always leading, even when they think they’re not. 38:18
  • Jaspar Weir explains why culture is TaksUs’ #1 competitive advantage. 43:00
  • Marcus Buckingham shares a simple exercise for finding your strengths. 44:46
  • Mark Rampolla describes his darkest moment in the early days of ZICO, and the lesson that helped him get through it. 49:18
  • Bert Jacobs makes a business case for culture and engagement. 54:20
  • Bonus Clip – Sara Mailloux shares one of the funniest answers during the Minute of Magic.


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