Episode 5  |  How to Create  A Family-Style Culture and Dominate the Competition, with Enplug CEO Nanxi Liu

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Nanxi Liu

Today our guest is Nanxi Liu, an entrepreneur, innovator, and frankly, one of the most accomplished people under thirty we’ve ever come across.

Nanxi is the co-founder and CEO of Enplug, a company that builds the leading software for displays in stores, hotels, sports arenas, restaurants, and offices. Since their founding in 2012, the company has grown from 5 co-founders to a team of more than 50 people in North America, Africa, and Europe. Every day, millions of people use Enplug’s technology in dozens of countries around the world.

Prior to Enplug, Nanxi co-founded and now serves on the board of Nanoly Bioscience, which develops polymers that enable vaccines to survive without refrigeration.

In today’s featured conversation, Nanxi offered us her utterly unique perspective on culture and leadership. We touched on a number of different topics, including why she opts to live with a third of her colleagues in a shared house in West Los Angeles.

Key Takeaways

  • Nanxi explains why a third of the Enplug team have opted to both live and work together.
  • Nanxi talks about her definition of a “family-style” company culture, and how you can build a family-like culture even if you don’t happen to live with your colleagues.
  • While she agrees that transparency is important in establishing trust, Nanxi points out an instance in which she went too far and over-shared with her team.
  • She explains how building your own office furniture can kill two important birds with one stone.
  • Nanxi shares her definition of an Awesome Office, and describes what she sees as the hallmarks of a truly inspired space.
  • Nanxi talks about the importance of fearlessly approaching people, no matter what the context. 


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