Episode 25 | 8 Surefire Productivity Hacks for the Workplace

with SnackNation’s Kevin Dorsey

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“Work smarter, not harder.”

It’s a familiar maxim for anyone who cares about productivity.

But it’s also something you’ll never hear Kevin Dorsey tell his team.

Why? Because no company, team, or organization ever achieved greatness by sacrificing hard work for efficiency.

From Dorsey’s point of view, why not work both smart and hard?

This is just one of the many pieces of advice that Kevin gives in his presentation, 8 Surefire Productivity Hacks for the Workplace.

Kevin Dorsey is a speaker, productivity coach, and the head of sales at SnackNation, where he trains and leads a team of more than twenty sales rockstars. An avid reader and frequent presenter, he’s known internally as a fountain of personal development knowledge, and is obsessed with maximizing his team’s and his own productivity.

We recently watched a presentation that he gave his team on workplace productivity hacks earlier this year, and we thought it would be a tremendous value add for the Awesome Office community. 

We’d loved this presentation because it provides both interesting facts and practical takeaways. Kevin gives you the tactics, and then the science behind the tactics, to help you and your team maximize your days and become the powerhouses you know you can be.  

We’ve also provided a video of the presentation intercut with slides that you can share with your team. 

Kevin will be speaking at the Salesloft Rainmaker Conference March 7-9 in Atlanta, as well as the LA Chapter of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals on February 18.

Video Presentation:

Key Takeaways

  • Under optimal conditions, the brain can only stay focused for 60-90 minutes tops (unless in a flow state). Most people max out at 20 minutes.
  • Focus and will power are limited resources – meaning you can use them up. This is why most of us have much more trouble staying on task in the afternoon than in the morning.
  • There’s an interruption every 11 minutes, and it takes us 25 minutes to get back to our previous level of focus, which means we’re virtually never at our optimal focus level.
  • Here are some simple “hacks” to boost your focus and concentration, and get more done:
    • (1) Wear headphones – it sends a signals to those around you that you’re in focus mode.
    • (2) Listen to music that improves focus – instrumental works best.
    • (3) Schedule your interruptions. Give yourself permission to give your brain a break, you’ll be less tempted throughout the day.
    • (4) Give up the idea of multi-tasking – we’re biologically incapable of doing it. Instead, set aside dedicated focus time for the projects you need to get done.
    • (5) Schedule high priority things first, when cognition and focus are at their height.
    • (6) Play a game. Games have been proven to heighten brain function, including things like task switching and decision making.
    • (7) Focus on relaxation, don’t just waste time during your breaks. Incorporate proper breathing, movement, some time outside, even reading and meditation.
    • (8) Get outside! Seeing blue sky and green grass has a naturally calming effect, and getting out in the sun will give your brain some vital vitamin D.


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