Episode 105 | Why You Should Care About the Current State of Education

with  SeekU Co-Founder Avriel Epps

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At Awesome Office, we think that education is magic.

If you’ve heard the show, you know we’re big on personal growth, and there are few things as crucial to growth as investing in yourself via education.

But our current system of higher education isn’t without its flaws – in fact it’s been in the midst of massive disruption for the last ten years or so.

And while a ton of ed-tech companies have sprung up to solve many of the challenges that our system faces, there’s one area that has remained largely untouched – the college admissions process.

(If you just shuddered thinking back to the stress of getting into college… we’re right with you on that).

Luckily this week’s guest Avriel Epps is here to change that.

Avriel is the co-founder of SeekU, a company that helps high school students navigate college admissions, get them into their dream schools, and learn about themselves in the process. A Los Angeles native, Avriel graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA and is now a PhD candidate and Presidential Scholar at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.

SeekU has a 1:1 model, providing a scholarship for a student who can’t afford counseling for every paying client.

The company was inspired in part by Avriel’s own experience at UCLA. Avriel – who is multiracial – was shocked to learn that only 2% of UCLA students are African American, whereas the population is closer to 13%. Her research and exploration of this problem led her to found SeekU.

And why does this matter to us? Because diversity in education trickles up to diversity in business, and your company’s culture benefits from a diverse team.

In this interview, we talk to Avriel about the importance of education in identity, why we all benefit from more inclusive education policies, and what impresses her most about the next generation of leaders.


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