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Awesome Office creators out there, it’s a very special day.

Today we are proud to debut The Awesome Office Show, the podcast that’s all about leading people, creating culture, and inspiring Awesome for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Each week on the show we talk to a business leader, entrepreneur or people pro at the most successful and buzzed about companies in the country, and learn their most actionable tips, tactics, and best practices – and share them with you.

This is a behind-the-curtain look that you’re not going to find anywhere else. If you care about developing stellar cultures that provide lasting value for employees, customers, and shareholders, then this is the podcast for you.

So, why Episode 0? Well, this is the episode before Episode 1, the episode where we take a step back and let you in on who we are and what inspired us to create this show in the first place. And this time out, the tables are turned. While I’m usually the one asking the questions, my good bud and business partner Andy Mackensen calls the shots in Episode 0.

The Awesome Office Show is hosted by me, Sean Kelly. I’m a speaker, social entrepreneur, and the founder of the Association of Workplace Engagement (AWE for short), an organization whose mission is to help companies create unique, vibrant and inspiring workspaces that promote high levels of employee engagement, wellness, and productivity (also known as Awesome Offices).

I’m also the co-founder and CEO of HUMAN (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition), a company that distributes healthy foods and snacks to offices across the country, and seeks to create “Easy Nutrition Everywhere” with a vision to “make healthy food more convenient than junk food.” Above all, I’m someone who cares deeply about helping good companies become great, and helping people become the most ideal versions of themselves. My favorite quote is “becoming is better than being,” and I try to be a connoisseur of all-things growth-related.

So please join me in this journey and let’s learn from the leading experts in leadership, culture, and making workplaces awesome.

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