Episode 50 How to Avoid the Drug of Distraction

with Sean Kelly

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AWE Episode graphic Drug of Distraction

We are all drug addicts.

It might sound strange, but it’s true. We’re all addicted to the drug of distraction.

Our biology predisposes us to become addicted to the feel-good chemicals released by non-productive things like mindlessly surfing the web, living in our inbox, or worst of all, constantly looking at our phones.

The biggest downside of these euphoria-inducing habits is that they prevent us from being fully present in the moment. And what’s more important than this?

Being present empowers us to perform better, to be less anxious, and to be happier and more fulfilled.

In this episode, I’m bringing you directly into the SnackNation and Awesome Office headquarters to hear a recent talk (we call them Sensei Sessions) that I gave to our team. My goal here is to encourage a life of greater presence, tranquility, fulfillment and productivity with our team and all of you.  

I share with my team how we can remove the #1 greatest distraction in our life with ease, and how the key to living a fulfilled life lies in just doing three simple things on a continual basis.

BONUS VIDEO: Here’s video of the presentation that you can share with your team.


Key Takeaways

  • The difference between presence and focus, and why it’s important to be present in our daily interactions. 5:18
  • How the combination of being present, insightful, and helpful can have a powerful impact. 6:45
  • How presence leads to deeper and richer relationships. 7:35
  • Our biggest distractor, and strategies for eliminating it from our lives. 11:39
  • The evolutionary science behind distraction, and why addiction to certain brain chemicals is at the heart of it. 13:15
  • Why your phone is the #1 drug in your life. 19:31
  • Sean breaks down the strategy and tactics for breaking our phone addiction. 20:38
  • Why active rejuvenation is so important, and the flipside of presence. 25:04
  • Examples of bad rejuvenation, and why a positive mindset is so important. 26:16
  • Examples of good rejuvenation. 29:50


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