Episode 74 | How to Harness Sexual Energy in the Workplace

 Pt. 2 with author Diana Chapman

David Hassell interview David Hassell interview

Most leaders shy away from it. It makes people uncomfortable, and the mere mention of it can  inspire off color jokes, or send grown men and women into fits of nervous laughter.

We’re talking about sex, of course. In the workplace.

Well, not sex exactly, but sexual energy. As author, coach, and expert Diana Chapman discusses in part two of this illuminating interview, to deny the existence of sexual energy in the workplace is to deprive your business of one of its most creative forces.

To be clear, we’re not talking about sex itself. In this context, sexual energy has more to do with creativity and an affinity for or attraction to ideas.

Like so much of what Chapman and her co-authors teach, the key is to recognize and acknowledge sexual energy dispassionately, as an objective fact, and to use the intelligence contained within it to your advantage.

Diana discusses this and a whole lot more in the conclusion of our interview.


  • The difference between blame and accountability, and why new knowledge should be the end result of every mistake. 1:37
  • A breakdown of the five primary emotions – fear, anger, joy, sadness, and sexual energy, and why sexual energy has more to do with creativity than sex. 4:47
  • Diana tells us about her completion process, and why her company goes completely offline every December in order to work on Commitment #6. 9:59
  • Diana shares her most surprising findings from twelve years of going through this completion process. 12:15
  • Why withholding saps people of energy, and why clearing resolutions to completion is so energizing. 15:48
  • How to integrate these practices for people who are new to your culture, and why curiosity is the key. 16:48
  • Why the way you view the world has more to do with you than it does about the world. 18:30


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