Episode 15 | Pt. 2: How to Use Discomfort and Stress to Create High Performance with 15five CEO David Hassell

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The speed at which people grow a business is proportional to the time invested in creating trust.

In the second part of our interview with 15five’s David Hassell, we learned that this notion – that trust is fundamental to growth – is more than just a mere axiom to the engagement software chief. Far from it – it’s a strategy that applies to all areas of business.

Need proof? The notion is embedded in the company’s core values, and is a tenet of their internal culture.

David takes us deeper into the culture question in our conversation, and tells us why it’s so gratifying to create an environment where trust is granted at the outset, and to watch as this inspires employees to perform beyond their own perceived capabilities. Additionally, he shares his strategies for finding those employees who’ll be willing and able to experience personal breakthroughs.

David dropped a wealth of actionable knowledge on the AO audience, and we are grateful that he spent some of his valuable time with us. As always, we wrapped the dialogue with the minute of magic… and David definitely brought the magic.

Key  Takeaways
  • David tackles the question of whether, ethics aside, the Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort’s Stratton Oakmont brokerage house was actually an example of a successful culture.
  • David tells us why he believes culture is like an ecosystem, and why high performers can only flourish under the right conditions.
  • David explains why trust is fundamental to a great culture, and why vulnerability and trust go hand in hand.
  • David tells us the most important trait he looks for when interviewing potential employees, and gives us his strategies to help find people willing to experience personal breakthroughs.
  • David tells us how his first job as a car salesman helped him clarify how he didn’t want to treat people.
  • David explains why he thinks money is a threshold, and tells us what motivates people once that threshold is achieved.
  • David explores why Warren Buffet can walk into a room and make a multi-million dollar deal on nothing more than a handshake.
  •  Finally, David shares his number one tip to help create an engaged atmosphere at your company.


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