Episode 109 | How to Transform Your Company by Creating a Culture of Deep Connection

a presentation by Sean Kelly

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This week on the podcast we’re featuring a recent presentation that I gave at the Human Capital Institute conference in San Francisco.

It’s all about transforming your company – not with things like new technology or processes or management techniques – but something a lot more fundamental to who we are. Human Connection.

As you’ll hear in a minute, I dig into the how and why of creating a NEW type of company – one where the goal is to help people become the best versions of themselves. That means your customers and your employees. (Especially the latter.)

I really wanted to share this presentation with you because it contains strategies, tactics, and stories that I haven’t told on this podcast before, but I know you’ll be able to apply at your company.

In this presentation I’ll tell you

  • The number one trait to hire for, and how to do it;
  • How to create forced recognition in the workplace, and why it’s so important;
  • And a super simple tactic for spreading recognition amongst your team.


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