Jul16, 2016

Episode 50 | How to Avoid the Drug of Distraction, with Sean Kelly

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We are all drug addicts. It might sound strange, but it’s true. We’re all addicted to the drug of distraction. Our biology predisposes us to be addicted to the feel-good chemicals released by non-productive things like mindlessly surfing the web, living in our inbox, or worst of all, constantly looking at our phones. The biggest downside of these euphoria-inducing habits is that they prevent us from being fully present in the moment. And what’s more important than this? Being present empowers us to perform better, to be less anxious, and to be happier and more fulfilled. In this episode, I’m bringing you directly into the SnackNation and Awesome Office headquarters to hear a recent talk (we call them Sensei Sessions) that I gave to our team. My goal here is to encourage a life of greater presence, tranquility, fulfillment and productivity with our team and all of you.
Jul08, 2016

Episode 49 | Why Ego is Your Enemy, with Ryan Holiday

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According to Ryan Holiday, there is an enemy within us. This enemy has derailed the careers of promising young geniuses, decimated great fortunes, and run companies into the ground. It's made adversity unbearable and turned struggle into shame. It's name? Ego. Ryan Holiday is a media strategist, best selling author, and the former marketing director of American Apparel. He has been in the trenches building brands and designing media strategies, and today is one of the most highly regarded thinkers and marketers of his generation. But by his own admission, he hasn't been immune to the dangers posed by Ego. In his new book, Ego is the Enemy, Ryan lays out a strategy for defeating the enemy Ego, and he was gracious enough to share some of this insight - and some incredible stories - with the Awesome Office audience.
Jul01, 2016

Episode 48 | How to Pick the High-Hanging Fruit, with ZICO Founder Mark Rampolla

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In 2004, Mark Rampolla was sick of settling for low-hanging fruit. Sure, he had a comfortable life, a six-figure income, and was poised to reach the top of a Fortune 100 company. But he knew there was more to life than making money. Most of all, he was concerned about the example he was setting for his young daughters. Did he want their dad to be a corporate conformist, someone who settles for the status quo, or someone who could strike out on his own and change the world for the better? That’s when he decided to reach for the high-hanging fruit. A few months later he launched ZICO coconut water, a company that sought to transform the billion dollar global beverage industry by offering a healthier alternative to the sugar and chemical laden sodas that dominated the market. And he never looked back.
Jun25, 2016

Episode 47 | How to Empower Your Team to Succeed, with Hulu Director of Workplace Experience Sara Mailloux

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What makes an Awesome Office? Is it the culture? The leadership? Is it the office space itself? These are the questions that we set out to answer on this podcast from day one. You’d be hard pressed to think of a more qualified person to provide answers than this week’s Awesome Office guest, Sara Mailloux. As Hulu's Director of Workplace Experience, it’s Sara's job to provide the company’s 1,300 Hulugans with an environment that supports their culture and empowers them to perform at their best, day in and day out. While Hulu does have an incredible, open workspace, Sara contends that it’s the people in that - not the space itself - that make an office truly awesome. The office is there just to empower the people in it to do great things.
Jun17, 2016

Episode 46 | How to Outsmart Your Brain and Win, with Dr. Marcia Reynolds

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Sometimes, our brains are our worst enemies. It's true - our biology predisposes us to react emotionally and perpetuate negative self-talk. For leaders, this leads to self-doubt, tension, and dysfunctional teams. So what’s a leader to do? Simple: outsmart your brain. That’s according to this week’s awesome office guest, Dr. Marcia Reynolds, a world renowned organizational psychologist and leadership coach, and the author of the books Outsmart Your Brain and The Discomfort Zone.
Jun11, 2016

Episode 45 | How to Become Your Best You, with Author and CEO Marcus Buckingham

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There's no doubt that today, Marcus Buckingham is a master communicator. The entrepreneur and best selling author of First, Break All the Rules and Discover Your Strengths is one of the foremost experts on the topics of employee engagement and performance, and is a sought after speaker on these topics. You’d probably never guess that he grew up with a debilitating stammer. It's true: for the first eleven years of his life, this master wordsmith and public speaker couldn’t speak. So what changed? That’s precisely what we dive into in this week’s episode - overcoming the challenges that hold us back from becoming exactly who we want to be. Marcus tells us the incredible story of how we was able to overcome his speech impediment, and the lessons that he carried with him throughout his life and work.
Jun04, 2016

Episode 44 | How to Build an 8 Figure Business with a Remote Workforce

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When you think of innovation hotbeds, you might think of places like Austin or LA. Ten years ago, maybe it was San Francisco or Brooklyn. I’m guessing the words “Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada” don’t immediately come to mind. Well, not yet, anyway. Especially if this week’s Awesome Office guest Daniel Matishak has anything to say about it. Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Mindable, a marketing optimization company that specializes in activating niche communities in the personal development space. The company has been able to grow into a massive, 8-figure marketing juggernaut based out of - you guessed it - Sherwood Park, Alberta. How have they pulled this off? One strategy that has paid off is a mostly remote workforce, that enables the company to attract top talent not just from their own backyard, but from across the globe.
May27, 2016

Episode 43 | How to Become an Expert Conversationalist, with Fatherly CEO Michael Rothman

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In our digitally connected, multi-screen world, where people hide their true selves behind layers of snark and our deepest emotions are expressed via emoji, conversation seems to be a lost art. But as this week’s guest attests, conversation is one of the most important skills we possess, both in business and in life. Michael Rothman is a digital entrepreneur, master conversationalist and storyteller, and all around fascinating guy. A founding employee at Thrillist, his latest venture is Fatherly.com, a lifestyle site for men entering parenthood - and a conversation in its own right (albeit of the digital variety).
May21, 2016

Episode 42 | How to Succeed Massively with All Odds Stacked Against You with FIVE FOUR CLUB CEO Andres Izquieta

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When faced with adversity, some people crumble. Andres Izquieta is not one of those people. Andres is a fashion designer, serial entrepreneur, and the CEO and co-founder of Five Four Club, an online men’s clothing subscription service. In 2008, Five Four (then a retail and wholesale outfit) was on the brink of failure. The worldwide credit crisis that gave birth to the Great Recession was decimating the retail industry, and it looked like Five Four might not survive. But Andres and his business partner had other ideas. They brought the company back into the black by pivoting to a men’s fashion subscription service. The strategic shift paid off. Today Five Four Club has more than 70k active monthly subscribers, and is about to launch several new verticals before the end of the year, including a formalwear accessory line, an athletic wear label, and a shoe brand.
May17, 2016

Episode 41 | 7 Tips For Living Your Best Day Ever

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As we’ve often said on this podcast, “time management” is a bit of a misnomer. Strictly speaking, you can’t manage time. We’re all given the exact same 24 hours - no more no less. And yet, it feels like some people are able to do so much more with those 24 precious hours than others. So what’s the difference between the person who always feels behind, perennially chasing and never out in front of their to-do list, and the high achieving rock star, who seems to effortlessly squeeze every ounce of magic out of the day? It's not by accident. There's a reason that some people consistently get more done than the rest. That’s what this episode is all about: 7 steps to set yourself up to have your best day ever - everyday.
May06, 2016

Episode 40 | From Rock Bottom to Rock Stardom: A Story About Finding Your Purpose, with Tony G

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Vulnerability is a big theme on this show. Time and again, we’ve learned that leaders who are willing to be vulnerable are able to communicate more authentically and forge truer connections with their teams. No one embodies this idea quite like this week’s guest, ShipOffers partner Tony Grebmeier. As you’ll see in this week’s episode, Tony G is an open book. A recovering addict, he’s unafraid to talk candidly about his darkest moment, when he was moments away from taking his own life. But Tony has come a long way from rock bottom. Today, he focuses on being 100% fully aware and present in everything he does. And he does a lot. Tony hosts the Entrepreneur Unplugged podcast, and his company, ShipOffers, is a trusted source for elite marketers of health and beauty products, acting as strategic partners for direct response marketers in 43 countries around the globe.
Apr29, 2016

Episode 39 | How to Lead with Love and Forget Fear with Robyn O’Brien

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When people in the food industry meet Robyn O’Brien for the first time, they often remark, “Funny, you don’t look like one of them.” “One of them,” presumably being the stereotypical food or environmental activists. And to be honest, they're right. (To wit, Robyn does not wear Birkenstocks or tie-dye, nor does she have dreadlocks.) In fact, Robyn is a self-described “conservative Texas mom” raised in a military family, and admittedly, the last person you’d expect to be leading a crusade to reform the food industry. Yet she is at the forefront of a movement to fundamentally rethink what goes into our nation’s food supply. As a financial analyst in the food industry, Robyn began to undercover undeniable links in the chemical pesticides, GMOs, and antibiotics in our food and troubling health trends like the explosion of childhood food allergies.
Apr21, 2016

Episode 38 | How MOD Pizza Made Culture Their #1 Competitive Advantage

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Our guest this week is Scott Svenson, the co-founder and CEO of MOD Super Fast Pizza. MOD is the pioneer in the fast casual pizza market and is now one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the US, with 114 stores open today and plans to have 190 open by the end of 2016. Thats some serious growth. There's no doubt that Scott is an accomplished leader - he and his wife have built multiple successful companies both in the US and UK. But what impresses me most about it him is his calm demeanor, stoic nature and sense of confidence that he gives to others. He’s just got a really cool aura about him - like he is fully present and aware - and I know this is one of the many reasons people really love working with him, and why he has had so much success.
Apr15, 2016

Episode 37 | How Riot Games Built an Unlikely Empire through Customer Obsession

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From day one, Riot Games has been about one becoming thing - the most gamer-focused studio in the world. Co-founders Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck are both hardcore gamers, and from the outset, they’ve consciously built a culture that emphasizes player experience above all else - even revenue. To preserve this ethos, the company only hires gamers, a practice they’ve continued even as they’ve scaled. Today, the company has more than 2,000 employees (or “Rioters” as they’re known internally), all of whom have firsthand knowledge of gaming and gaming culture. The end result is an organization that is always in touch with its audience. And while Riot’s core consumer is sophisticated and at times demanding, Marc says these high customer expectations motivate Rioters to deliver superior gameplay. By all accounts, this approach has paid off. If you’ve never heard of Riot Games, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of their marquee title, League of Legends - aka, the most popular online game… ever.
Apr08, 2016

Episode 36 | How Optimism Turned $200 Into $100 Million, with Life is Good Chief Optimist Bert Jacobs

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Life isn’t easy. Life isn’t perfect. But life is good. That’s the motto that has propelled Life is Good - the lifestyle clothing brand that celebrates optimism - from a $200 initial investment in 1989 to a $100M company today. This week, our Awesome Office guest is none other than Life is Good co-founder and Chief Executive Optimist Bert Jacobs. In the interview, Bert shares how he and his co-founder/brother John conceived of the company, and why placing optimism at the core of the brand has helped it reach millions of people. As Bert tells it, before it was ever a company or a t-shirt, “Life is Good” was a spirit personified by Bert and John's mother, Joan, an eternal optimist who taught her children to turn the music up, enjoy the moment, and always remember to focus on the good things in life.
Mar31, 2016

Episode 35 | How a Commitment to Culture Revolutionized a Stagnant Industry, with TaskUs President Jaspar Weir

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One of the coolest offices you'll ever see in your life... is a contact center in the Philippines. If you're skeptical, so were we. But then we talked to today's Awesome Office guest Jaspar Weir, and it started to make sense. Jaspar is the President and Co-Founder of TaskUs, a company that provides outsourced customer care and back office support for some of the most innovative companies in the world, including Expensify, Groupon, and Tinder. We knew going in to the interview that TaskUs had a great culture, but we had no idea that culture is actually central to their business.
Mar25, 2016

Episode 34 | How to Live Like an Essentialist, with Bestselling Author Greg McKeown

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Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’re a brand new employee at a company that values teamwork and collaboration. Eager to prove yourself, you come out of the gate swinging. You do good work early on, and garner a reputation as a high contributor and team player. This reputation results in more people from across the org asking for your assistance on all sorts of projects. You, of course, say yes (you are a team player, after all). Before long, you feel yourself spread thin. You make a millimeter of progress on a thousand different fronts, but no significant progress on any. Your “priority” list is thirty items long. In an ironic twist, your early success has now undermined your ability to contribute at a high level. The quality of your work goes down, while your stress level skyrockets. It’s a surefire recipe for burnout. Luckily for us, today’s Awesome Office guest has developed a solution - Essentialism.
Mar18, 2016

Episode 33 | Why Your Biggest Failures Are Your Greatest Assets, with Author Rob Bell

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Our biggest embarrassments. Our darkest fears. Our greatest failures. They are the things that lurk in the back of our minds, loom heavy in our consciousness, and haunt our dreams. They cause us pain, anguish, and shame. It’s tempting to think: If only I had a time machine, a chance to go back and do things right. But as today’s Awesome Office guest Rob Bell illuminates, to do so would be to deny one of our greatest assets. With a little time and perspective, these moments have the potential to be our greatest sources of personal strength. In fact, these trying, troubling, or just plain cringe-worthy times are actually the force that shapes us into who we are today.
Mar11, 2016

Episode 32 | College Drop Out to Entrepreneurial Success Route, with Mike Zhang

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Discovering your purpose almost always involves making some hard choices. First and foremost, there’s the opportunity cost – saying yes to your purpose necessarily involves saying no to something else. So what happens when the opportunity cost is a college education, and what if following your gut instinct means that your parents might disown you? This is exactly the choice that our Awesome Office guest Mike Zhang had to make early in his entrepreneurial career.
Mar05, 2016

Episode 31 | How to Create an Optimistic Workplace Where Everyone Thrives, with Shawn Murphy

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There’s a reason why films like Office Space and cartoons like “Dilbert” strike a chord with so many people: The modern employee is plagued by a dystopian vision of what work (and therefore life) has to be. This vision depicts a world that is soulless and monotonous, that deprives of us of our energy, creativity, and joy, and in which our job feels more like a transaction than a calling. But as today’s guest Shawn Murphy uncovers for us, this dystopian vision is a choice, one made everyday by both leaders and employees alike. The upside? Shawn reminds us that there’s another choice – the choice to say, “I want something more for my team, and more for my own life.”