Feb27, 2016

Episode 30 | Know Thyself: Discover Your Heartbeat and Win, with Fully Accountable CEO Vinnie Fisher

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So you think you have your culture nailed. You have your mission, core values, a space that wows, and a team of stellar contributors who are ready go out and crush the competition. You’re good to go, right? Not quite. As our Awesome Office guest Vinnie Fisher points out, your culture is still missing a key ingredient, without which it will never be complete. You need to discover the heartbeat of your business. According to Vinnie, every business has a heartbeat – a unifying feeling or spirit that permeates the organization and comes directly from the leader.
Feb20, 2016

Episode 29 | The Top Nine Leadership Secrets from Ancient Rome

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You might think that Ancient Rome would be the last place to look in order to gain insight into the modern workplace. Considering today’s lightning-fast pace, constant technological disruption, and hordes of smartphone-toting Millennials, what can the ancients possibly teach us about leading our organizations? But as we learn in this latest installment of the Awesome Office Show, quite a bit actually. In Episode 29, we decided to flip the script and put our fearless leader and AO host Sean Kelly on the hot seat to share some of his learnings from a recent Harvard Business School course he took on the leadership secrets of Ancient Rome.
Feb13, 2016

Episode 28 | How to Excite and Amaze Your Customers Through Giving

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Too often, companies are focused on how they can extract value from an opportunity or market, and not on the value they can provide. Not so for Ryan Cummins and Omaze, the Los Angeles-based company that raises money and awareness for caused-based charities by creating the chance to win once in a lifetime experiences. Ryan, along with co-CEO Matt Pohlson, lead a team of 58 rockstars in a shared workspace with mobile gaming studio Scopely - a fact that comes with some serendipitous cross cultural benefits. As Ryan tells us in the episode, giving is a powerful force in delighting Omaze’s audience, and the power of giving isn’t limited to philanthropy-based organizations. In fact, he argues that businesses in every industry can harness the transformative power of giving.
Feb05, 2016

Episode 27 | How the Best Brands Guarantee Longevity by Creating a Ripple of Impact

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What can a Master’s degree in education and a background in nightlife teach you about becoming an entrepreneur and effective leader? Judging from Amanda Slavin’s track record, quite a bit. Amanda Slavin is a Millennial and Generation Z expert, and the CEO and founder of CatalystCreativ, an experience studio that’s focused on helping cities, brands and institutions flourish by developing educational and inspirational on- and offline campaigns. But before she was Amanda Slavin, Catalyst CEO, she was Ms. Slavin, a first grade teacher with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education.
Jan30, 2016

Episode 26 | How to Create Massive Value by Living Your Core Values

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Awesome Officers… get pumped. Yes pumped, because this week we’ve got a phenomenal interview with Jim Cavale, the president of Iron Tribe Fitness. Jim is a passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneur and leader who believes that culture and values are the key to building strong organizations and lasting relationships with customers. In this episode, Jim walks us through the journey that brought him to that realization - from the baseball fields of upstate New York where he was a standout high school athlete, to the University of Montevallo in Birmingham, Alabama, where he founded the school’s broadcasting program while playing on the baseball team, to Iron Tribe, where, before he was president of the company, Jim was actually one of Iron Tribe’s very first clients.
Jan22, 2016

Episode 25 | 8 Surefire Productivity Hacks for the Workplace

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"Worker smarter, not harder." It's a familiar maxim for anyone who cares about productivity. But it's also something you'll never hear Kevin Dorsey tell his team. Why? Because no company, team, or organization ever achieved greatness by sacrificing hard work for efficiency. From Dorsey's point of view, why not work both smart and hard? This is just one of the many pieces of advice that Kevin gives in his presentation, 8 Surefire Productivity Hacks for the Workplace.
Jan15, 2016

Episode 24 | How to Disrupt Yourself…or Die Trying

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It used to be that the relationship with your customers ended at the transaction. You might engage them as they entered your sales funnel, and once you closed the deal, that was the end of it - on to the next. Today’s guest turns that notion completely on its head. Robbie Kellman Baxter is a consultant, keynote speaker, and the author of The Membership Economy, a fantastic new book that explains why access and community are more valuable than ownership and transactional relationships. Robbie makes a powerful case that all companies - not just subscription based companies - are better served when they move away from the idea that the relationship ends at the transaction, and realize that they need what she describes as an “ongoing, open, multi-directional conversation” with their customers.
Jan08, 2016

Episode 23 | 8 Lessons for Leaders of Significance

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Our last episode was all about looking ahead — Towards the New Year, the future, the things we want to achieve and the path that will take us there. Now we take a moment to look back and reflect on the year that was. Because as important as planning, preparation, and goal setting are, it’s the process - the journey - that matters most. And there are always lessons to be learned. So in today’s Awesome Office Show, we take a look back and share the top 8 leadership learnings from 2015. Here's a quick summary of the topics we explore in-depth in the episode.
Dec31, 2015

Episode 22 | 11 Super Effective Tips to Make 2016 Your Most Awesome Year Yet

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The end of 2015 is rapidly approaching, and that means it's time to set our sights on the things we want to accomplish in the New Year. There is a sense of hope and optimism in the air. A new calendar year is a chance wipe the slate clean, start fresh, and begin anew. All the old habits you swore you'd break, now's your chance to actually break them. It's time to finally lose the weight, become more productive, get that promotion. But as most of us are familiar, all our good intentions often fall by the wayside as soon we hit the first stumbling block or feel the first tugs of resistance. It's usually not because we don't want to improve. It's because we didn't approach our goal setting the right way. But it doesn't have to be this way.
Dec23, 2015

Episode 21 | Pt. 2: How to Maximize Joy in the Workplace, with Menlo Innovations’ Richard Sheridan

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If you were to look at Richard Sheridan’s business card, you might be surprised by his official title: “Chief Storyteller, Tour Guide and CEO.” As we learn in the second part of our epic interview with the Joy Inc. author, storytelling is an essential part of his role at software developer Menlo Innovations - so much so that the company’s founder and chief executive leads daily tours and considers telling the Menlo story to be one of his most important roles. The act of storytelling, Richard explains, helps hold himself and his team accountable, and reinforces the cultural values at the core of Menlo’s culture.
Dec18, 2015

Episode 20 | Pt. 1: How to Maximize Joy in the Workplace, with Menlo Innovations’ Richard Sheridan

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From kid programmer in 1971 to Forbes cover story in 2003, Joy, Inc. author and Menlo Innovations CEO Richard Sheridan has never shied from challenges, opportunities, nor the limelight. His focus has always been around technology, but his passion is actually process, teamwork and organizational design, with one overarching goal: unlock the business value of Joy. Strangely enough, it all began in 1967, when a ten year old Richard Sheridan decided to surprise his parents by building a piece of furniture while they were away for the evening. In today’s Awesome Office interview, Richard tells us how this experience - and the joy he felt after delivering a wow moment to his parents - was the inspiration for his mission to change the way we work by bringing joy back to the workplace.
Dec11, 2015

Episode 19 | Pt. 2: How to Bet on Yourself and Win, with Tangram CEO Joe Lozowski

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“You can’t be good at any job if you’re only doing it for a paycheck.” That’s the mantra that has served Joe Lozowski throughout his career, and what ultimately inspired him to leave a lucrative career and start all over in the furniture business. In part one of his Awesome Office interview, we learned why the CEO and President of Tangram Interiors feels it’s so important for young people to bet on themselves, and why he views his company as a “platform for success.” In part two, Joe dives deeper, and shares why, in this world of longer hours, work life integration, and increased expectations on all sides, you have to love what you do in order to be successful.
Dec05, 2015

Episode 18 | Pt. 1: How to Bet on Yourself and Win, with Tangram CEO Joe Lozowski

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We like to say that one necessary part of an Awesome Office is a “space that wows,” and there are few people more qualified to speak to this than Joe Lozowski. That's because Joe is the majority owner, President and CEO of Tangram Interiors, the largest contract furniture distributor in the Western United States. With offices and showrooms in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, the San Fernando Valley and the Inland Empire, Tangram has emerged as a model dealership in North America, employing 275 people. With all this success, you might be surprised to learn that Joe's foray into the furniture industry involved leaving a lucrative career in a different industry - and taking a 100% pay cut in the process.
Nov26, 2015

Episode 17 | Pt. 2: How $11k Wrapped in Bacon Helped Build a Mobile Gaming Hit-Factory, with Scopely’s Jason Weiss

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In part two of our in-depth conversation with Jason Weiss, the former GM and current advisor of mobile gaming hit-maker Scopely talks about a subject that many leaders and companies shy away from: failure. At Scopely, failure isn’t a dirty word. In fact, the company recognizes the “Fail of the Week,” during which a member of each team describes a major mistake he or she has made in the past seven days. The point is neither to punish nor celebrate failure, but to acknowledge it and share the lessons learned.
Nov21, 2015

Episode 16 | How $11k Wrapped in Bacon Helped Build a Mobile Gaming Hit-Factory, with Scopely’s Jason Weiss

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Many companies use perks like free onsite food, massages, and elaborate off-sites to attract and retain game-changing talent. If you’re Scopely, you take a different tack. Namely? Bricks of cash. Wrapped in bacon. Scopely is the LA-based mobile gaming studio that has produced six #1 games in a row, including The Walking Dead Road to Survival, Yahtzee with Friends, and Disco Bees. According to today’s Awesome Office guest Jason Weiss, that success started with creating a culture that could attract and retain the top talent. And he should know: as the company’s SVP of talent for more than four years, he was a main driver behind the company’s vibrant and playful ethos.
Nov12, 2015

Episode 15 | Pt. 2: How to Use Discomfort and Stress to Create High Performance with 15five CEO David Hassell

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The speed at which people grow a business is proportional to the time invested in creating trust. In the second part of our interview with 15five's David Hassell, we learned that this notion - that trust is fundamental to growth - is more than just a mere axiom to the engagement software chief. Far from it - it's a strategy that applies to all areas of business. Need proof? The notion is embedded in the company's core values, and is a tenet of their internal culture. David takes us deeper into the culture question in our conversation, and tells us why it's so gratifying to create an environment where trust is granted at the outset, and to watch as this inspires employees to perform beyond their own perceived capabilities. Additionally, he shares his strategies for finding those employees who'll be willing and able to experience personal breakthroughs.
Nov07, 2015

Episode 14 | Pt. 1: How to Use Discomfort and Stress to Create High Performance with 15five CEO David Hassell

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Believe it or not, employee happiness should never be your goal. Not according to today’s Awesome Office guest, David Hassell, a serial entrepreneur and “the most connected man you don’t know in Silicon Valley,” according to Forbes magazine. His current venture is 15five, a technology solution that helps improve transparency and communication between managers and employees, and provide critical insights for your company. As you’ll hear, 15five was inspired by ESPRIT founder Doug Tompkins, who realized that if he asked all of his employees to spend 15 minutes writing a report that took their manager no more than 5 minutes to read, he’d have a more engaged company.
Oct29, 2015

Episode 13 | How to Build a Billion Dollar Brand through Honesty, an Interview with The Honest Company’s Christopher Gavigan

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Believe it or not, The Honest Company's Christopher Gavigan doesn’t run a CPG company. That’s because the energetic co-founder and chief product officer considers Honest - the makers of beautifully designed, environmentally friendly, and unquestionably safe household products for parents and kids - to be a “portfolio of trust” rather than a typical consumer goods label. Nomenclature aside, there's no denying that the company has experienced an astounding trajectory.
Oct24, 2015

Episode 12 | The Wall Street Guide to Creating a Rich Culture with VEEV Spirit’s Courtney Reum

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With its reputation for long hours, high stress, and a results-first mindset, Wall Street isn’t necessarily thought of as a hotbed of cultural innovation. But today's guest would beg to differ. On this episode of the Awesome Office Show we talk to Courtney Reum, an innovative entrepreneur, angel investor, and leader with a background in building consumer products brands. Courtney is best known as the CEO of VEEV Spirits, an all natural premium spirit brand that he co-founded with his brother Carter. What started as a two-man team selling VEEV out of the trunks of their cars, has turned into one of the best-selling independent liquor brands in the U.S. As VEEV's chief executive, Courtney is responsible for directing the culture of the wildly successful brand. And while it hasn't always been easy, VEEV the company is known for its spirit of disruption and creative innovation. But what we found most interesting was how it was Courtney and Carter's stint at Goldman Sachs that actually had the biggest influence on the culture and esprit de corps at VEEV.
Oct15, 2015

Episode 11 | The Secrets Behind Clif Bar’s Culture & 97% Retention Rate

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If you had to choose one example of a truly awesome office, Clif Bar and Co.’s state-of-the art, 115,000-square-foot headquarters in Emeryville, CA might very well be it. Made from wood reclaimed from local barns and railway ties, and featuring a gym and rock climbing wall, the space mirrors the company’s commitment to health, wellness, and sustainability. At the center of it all is today’s guest, Jen Freitas, the company’s Director of Learning and Engagement. Guided by the company’s “Five Aspirations,” she helped launch Clif Bar’s Sustainability Benefits Program, an initiative that helped the company earn numerous workplace awards, including ‘best place to work’ nods by Fortune and Outside magazines.