Episode 115 | How to Become a Better Public Speaker at Work

with SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly

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For most people, it’s scarier than dying.

Of course, we’re talking about public speaking, the most dreaded of all workplace activities.

Despite the fear, public speaking is an incredibly useful skill for employees – and not just executives. It’s an incredibly efficient way to communicate essential information, and it helps bring a company together. Most of us want to get better, but few know where to start.

That’s what this episode of Awesome Office is all about – how to become a better public speaker at work.

In it, you will learn:

  • Why public speaking is important, even if you aren’t your company’s CEO.
  • The elements that make an effective speech or presentation.
  • Why the words you say are only the third most important part of a good presentation – and what the one and two most important factors are.
  • The importance of storytelling, and how to tell a compelling one.
  • Why vulnerability and confidence are equally important, plus specific tactics for projecting a sense of vulnerability to your audience.
  • The most common mistakes people make while speaking at work, and how to fix them.
  • Ways to get more employees to practice public speaking at work.

Quick Reference – Sean’s Tips for Crafting a Masterful Presentation

  • Passion – you have to believe that what you are saying is important to your audience.
  • Stories – we connect and learn about the world through stories, so integrating storytelling is essential.
  • Teach – people want to be taught, so focus on one or two takeaways.
  • Conversation – don’t talk at people, talk to them. 
  • Surprise – the element of surprise makes for a more memorable and more effective speech.
  • Humor – there’s no better way to endear yourself to your audience.