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Sep18, 2017

Episode 109 | How to Transform Your Company by Creating a Culture of Deep Connection, a special presentation by Sean Kelly

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This week on the podcast we’re featuring a recent presentation that I gave at the Human Capital Institute conference in San Francisco. It’s all about transforming your company - not with things like new technology or processes or management techniques - but something a lot more fundamental to who we are. Human Connection. As you’ll hear in a minute, I dig into the how and why of creating a NEW type of company - one where the goal is to help people become the best versions of themselves. That means your customers and your employees. (Especially the latter.) I really wanted to share this presentation with you because it contains strategies, tactics, and stories that I haven’t told on this podcast before, but I know you’ll be able to apply at your company.
Mar14, 2017

Episode 84 | Introducing Contributing Host Sean Spear of Hughes Marino

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Today we’re fired up to introduce our brand new contributing host, Sean Spear of Hughes Marino. Sean is one of my absolute favorite people. He’s someone who, like me, is fascinated with the intersection of personal performance, workspaces, and workplace culture, and how these things can make for better businesses and enhance all of our lives. He’s also someone with an endless curiosity and knack for stories, and he’ll be a perfect addition to the AO crew.
Nov21, 2016

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, Pt.2 | #SPKup Episode 6

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We're back with part two of our exploration of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, a book that's full of powerful and practical prescriptions, and one that I find myself reaching for again and again. (Missed part one? Check it out here.) Commitments 8-15 build on the themes of candor, curiosity, and integrity that we talked about in part one. Some of the ideas might sound familiar. Commitment 8, for instance, bears a resemblance to several concepts from positive psychology, while Commitment 11 reminds me of the Stoic philosophy I discussed with author Ryan Holiday in a previous episode. I think that's one of the reasons that I love this book so much - it combines brand new insights with proven leadership advice, and packages it in a way that's useful and just makes sense.
Nov11, 2016

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership Pt.1 | #SPKup Episode 5

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Ask yourself - as a leader, are you coming from a place of fear and uncertainty? Do you look for fault and blame in others, cling to an opinion and fixed worldview, and believe in scarcity over abundance? Or are you open to outside interpretations, curious about the world around you, and committed to learning more about yourself and those around you? In other words, are you leading below or above the line? That’s the topic of today’s special #SPKup episode as I explore the concepts contained in The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, a fantastic read and a book that’s proven to be a true game changer for me.
Oct14, 2016

Episode 63 | How to Crush Any Challenge You Face, with Spokeo CEO Harrison Tang

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Imagine this: you’re a young, bright student at the top of your class with dreams of attending a top university. Up to this point, you’ve been able to earn excellent grades and handle life’s challenges with relative ease. Suddenly, at age thirteen, you’re thrust into a brand new culture. You don’t speak the language, your classmates make fun of you for reasons you don’t quite understand, and you’re back to square one academically. You still dream of gaining acceptance to a world-class college, but you have just five years until you start applying. That’s exactly the challenge that lay before Harrison Tang, the CEO and co-founder of Spokeo and today’s Awesome Office guest.
Oct07, 2016

How to End Your Year With a Bang | #SPKup Episode 4

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The end of the year brings with it that inevitable holiday lull, and it can be tempting to take your foot off the gas. But the best companies and top performers know that those sleepy November and December months are a prime opportunity to generate momentum and slingshot themselves towards success in the New Year. Here at SnackNation and Awesome Office HQ we’ve just wrapped up our Q4 quarterly planning, and after some reflection, we thought it would be a good opportunity to share our top tips for closing the year out STRONG. That’s what this week’s #SPKup is all about - 9 ways to help you end your year with a bang, and start your new year off right.
Aug05, 2016

Episode 53 | The Secret Brain Hack Today’s Best Leaders Use to Unlock Their True Potential

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In a very literal sense, you’re about to have your mind blown. Or perhaps more accurately - this episode will blow your mind and then help you rebuild a better one. This week we have Dr. Robert Cooper, a bestselling author and researcher who holds a PhD in general psychology and neurology, and the proponent of a practice called “upwiring.” In this amazing interview, Dr. Cooper introduces us to the concept of “livewiring” - the idea that we’re constantly remaking the structure and function of our entire nervous system in realtime. The livewiring breakthrough led Dr. Cooper to the concept of upwiring - the practice of remaking your mind in a directed, purposeful way. The research has shown us that we all have the power to unlock hidden capabilities, push through obstacles, and generally perform better and lead richer, more fulfilling lives. And it's easier than you might think.
Jul23, 2016

Episode 51 | 15 for 50: The Top 15 Insights from the Awesome Office Show

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Awesome Officers, I hope you are having another fantastic week filled with presence, productivity, and rejuvenation. We’ve done fifty episodes - that’s fifty great guests, fifty insightful conversations, and fifty interviews packed with actionable tips and insights to help your company create the culture it needs to thrive, and for you to excel as a leader and someone who just wants to get better. It’s been fascinating to see the through lines in these episodes. A number of themes have certainly come up, some of them repeatedly. That’s why we put together this “15 for 50” … that is, the top 15 takeaways from the first 50 episodes of the Awesome Office show thus far.
Jul16, 2016

Episode 50 | How to Avoid the Drug of Distraction, with Sean Kelly

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We are all drug addicts. It might sound strange, but it’s true. We’re all addicted to the drug of distraction. Our biology predisposes us to be addicted to the feel-good chemicals released by non-productive things like mindlessly surfing the web, living in our inbox, or worst of all, constantly looking at our phones. The biggest downside of these euphoria-inducing habits is that they prevent us from being fully present in the moment. And what’s more important than this? Being present empowers us to perform better, to be less anxious, and to be happier and more fulfilled. In this episode, I’m bringing you directly into the SnackNation and Awesome Office headquarters to hear a recent talk (we call them Sensei Sessions) that I gave to our team. My goal here is to encourage a life of greater presence, tranquility, fulfillment and productivity with our team and all of you.
May17, 2016

Episode 41 | 7 Tips For Living Your Best Day Ever

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As we’ve often said on this podcast, “time management” is a bit of a misnomer. Strictly speaking, you can’t manage time. We’re all given the exact same 24 hours - no more no less. And yet, it feels like some people are able to do so much more with those 24 precious hours than others. So what’s the difference between the person who always feels behind, perennially chasing and never out in front of their to-do list, and the high achieving rock star, who seems to effortlessly squeeze every ounce of magic out of the day? It's not by accident. There's a reason that some people consistently get more done than the rest. That’s what this episode is all about: 7 steps to set yourself up to have your best day ever - everyday.
Apr21, 2016

Episode 38 | How MOD Pizza Made Culture Their #1 Competitive Advantage

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Our guest this week is Scott Svenson, the co-founder and CEO of MOD Super Fast Pizza. MOD is the pioneer in the fast casual pizza market and is now one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the US, with 114 stores open today and plans to have 190 open by the end of 2016. Thats some serious growth. There's no doubt that Scott is an accomplished leader - he and his wife have built multiple successful companies both in the US and UK. But what impresses me most about it him is his calm demeanor, stoic nature and sense of confidence that he gives to others. He’s just got a really cool aura about him - like he is fully present and aware - and I know this is one of the many reasons people really love working with him, and why he has had so much success.
Sep08, 2015

Episode 0 | Lead People. Create Culture. Inspire Awesome.

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Awesome Office creators out there, it’s a very special day. Today we are proud to debut The Awesome Office Show, the podcast that’s all about leading people, creating culture, and inspiring Awesome for companies of all shapes and sizes. Each week on the show we talk to a business leader, entrepreneur or people pro at the most successful and buzzed about companies in the country, and learn their most actionable tips, tactics, and best practices - and share them with you. This is a behind-the-curtain look that you’re not going to find anywhere else. If you care about developing stellar cultures that provide lasting value for employees, customers, and shareholders, then this is the podcast for you.
Jul11, 2015

Welcome to the Awesome Office Blog

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Welcome to the AWE Blog. What the heck is AWE? I’m glad you asked, because it’s pretty awesome. AWE stands for the Association of Workplace Engagement, and is an organization whose mission is to help companies create unique, vibrant and inspiring workspaces that promote high levels of employee engagement, wellness, and productivity. We like to call these workspaces Awesome Offices.