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Awesome Office

Creating an environment where people want to spend their time can be one of the most effective and powerful ways to boost employee retention and therefore ensure the success of a business in the longterm.

Not only do businesses with high retention save on hiring and training costs, but company leadership at all levels can take assurance in a familiar, seasoned, and dedicated staff that is fully prepared to evolve with the company.

According to multiple studies, businesses that employ strategies to improve employee engagement can also garner dramatic improvements in productivity, and performance.

Recognizing the growing need for new ways to improve the employee experience, new companies are cropping up daily to provide a range of services, including improved furnishings and decor, health and well-being, financial coaching, strategy training and assistance, and even retreat packages.

We’ve selected 25 of the top companies striving to improve employee engagement for their client businesses, categorized them by service, and outlined them for your ready reference.

Office Design to Welcome and Inspire

1. Steelcase

Awesome Office Steelcase

Image courtesy of Steelcase.

Recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies,” Steelcase  provides sleek, modern furnishings and innovative equipment (including interactive whiteboards) with a focus on sustainability. This forward-thinking company also provides workplace surveys and consulting services in performance management, sustainability practices, and eBusiness know-how.

2. Tangram

Named for the Chinese, shape-based puzzle that challenges creative, spacial, and problem-solving skills, Tangram bases its approach to office design on the belief that the right layout and approach can encourage creativity, collaboration, and a positive work culture. They also have a keen eye for visual branding, which goes into each fully customized design project.

3. Poppin


Even in the warmest, most welcoming, or most fun environment, it helps a great deal to have tools and equipment so cool, they almost feel like toys. That’s where Poppin comes in. Boasting the tagline, “Work Happy,” this charmingly quirky online store offers everything from furniture to staplers and pencil holders, all presented in an array of bright colors and unique designs. For those looking for inspiration, there’s even a Pin Board where customers old and new can share ideas.

Interior Landscaping for Clean Air and a Gorgeous View


Photo belongs to Ines Hegedus-Garcia via Flickr’s Creative Commons License

4. Ambius


Since its inception, Ambius has grown enough to be able to serve locations throughout the United States. It’s not hard to see why — their strikingly gorgeous large-scale projects, scent-based offerings, and holiday options create beautiful, calming environments where creativity and focus can really thrive.

5. Virgo Plants

Based in Los Angeles, Virgo Plants is quickly gaining an avid following among business owners looking to improve employee engagement. Their breathtaking interior designs have earned glowing reviews across the board. The staff at Virgo plants will also provide clients and customers with installation, plus ongoing care and maintenance of the plants you choose for your space.

6. YPS Botanicals


Also popular in Los Angeles, YPS Botanicals has years of experience to its advantage, having thrived in the community for 15 years. Throughout this time, the company has earned a loyal following among its clients, along with consistently glowing reviews. For a look at how plants can really transform a space, check out their living walls.

Promoting Health and Well Being

7. Virgin Pulse

Those visiting the Virgin Pulse website are greeted with a message in big, bold text: “Recharge your people. They ignite your business.” Building on the philosophy that a trusted team is a company’s greatest asset, this science-based platform allows employees of participating companies to build and track healthier habits through positive feedback, rewards, encouragement, and a fun, accessible approach.

8. SnackNation

Office Snack Delivery

Of course, good intentions can only get people so far when healthier options aren’t available or affordable. That’s where SnackNation steps in. Built on the premise that healthy food should be convenient and readily available to everyone, no matter where they work, SnackNation supplies offices with a customizable mix of delicious, better-for-you  snacks, delivered each week. This ultra-convenient, affordable solution works wonders for engagement, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

9. Soothe

Awesome Office soothe massage

For many HR managers and business owners, recognizing and easing their teams’ stress is a sure-fire way to improve employee engagement. By booking onsite massages with Soothe, company leadership can provide a remedy and a reward for long hours spent on a high-pressure project. These massages can also be highly therapeutic, keeping employees healthy through even the most challenging seasons.

Onsite Yoga and Fitness Programs

Awesome Office Yoga

Photo by Julia Caesar, via StockSnap.io.

10. Yoga District


For those interested in the benefits of an onsite yoga class, Yoga District is an ideal place to start. With its vast network of qualified teachers, the moderators of this online community network will determine which program will best suit the needs of your company, then put you in touch with recommended instructors. All you need to do is fill out a quick online form, and they’ll guide you through the rest.

11. Chakra 5 Mobile Yoga

Awesome Office chakra yoga

For businesses based in the metro Los Angeles area,  Chakra 5 Mobile Yoga allows interested parties to sign up without a facilitator. Their professional instructors travel to locations all over the city, providing onsite classes wherever needed. What’s more, their informative, visitor-friendly website features a blog that profiles their clients, providing the added perk of free online marketing.

12. Life Dojo

LifeDojo-Logo-white copy

Recently selected to join the prestigious Startup Health Academy program, LifeDojo branches out in approach. Built on a team of behavior scientists, designers, public health veterans, and storytellers, this quickly growing, New York-based company offers twelve-week programs to promote improved physical and mental health among client businesses. Using motivational methods, customized plans, and live support, Life Dojo has helped participants to achieve astonishing improvements in their well-being.

13. Kinema Fitness


Based in Los Angeles, Kinema Fitness offers a straightforward, user-friendly approach to the on-site employee fitness program. Their general plan involves building fitness centers in office buildings (or within the workspace itself, if the space and design parameters permit), then providing users with social media-based apps for setting goals, tracking progress, and receiving encouragement. With its well-rounded, highly customizable approach, Kimena Fitness is quickly garnering popularity through glowing reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Helping Your Staff Make the Most of Their Earnings

14. Fit Wallet


As a financial services business, FitWallet focuses on advising client employees in solid investments, savings, money management, and achieving their long-term financial goals. Fit Wallet works in conjunction with a business’s leadership or HR department in offering itself as a voluntary benefit to team members. Thanks to savvy strategizing and product development, the FitWallet package is compatible with most other employee benefits, such as 401k investments and flexible spending plans.

15. Tuition.io

Awesome Office Tuition.io

It is a sad reality of today’s economic times that many younger workers can not afford to invest until they’ve paid off their sizable student loan debts. This is where  Tuition.io comes in. When offered as a benefit to junior or beginning employees, the program offers easy-to-read analysis, tracking, and guidance in paying off their loans. They even include the option of a payment assistance program sponsored by the employer, for businesses with an adequate budget and the extra motivation to improve employee engagement.

Strategies to Keep Things Running Smoothly

16. Entrepreneurial Operating System

Awesome Office EOS

In today’s wealth of progressive and brilliant startup ideas, the most common downfall is a lack of savvy business sense. Even for the most inspired and committed employees, unnecessary roadblocks and questionable leadership decisions can cause tremendous disillusion and frustration.

Business strategy specialists such as Entrepreneurial Operating System offer programs that stave off such problems by providing analysis and guidance toward smarter decision making and sound, workable policies.

17. Gazelles

Awesome Office Gazelles

Gazelles CEO Verne Harnish (Photo courtesy of Gazelles).

Focused on strengthening business teams from the top level down, Gazelles Training operates under the motto, “Growing leaders, growing companies.” Their wealth of service options focus on training business leaders in a range of areas, and include coaching, strategy building, and executive education. Business leaders struggling to make decisions beneficial to their team as well as their clientele are likely to find Gazelles’ services extremely helpful.

18. CBRE


With offices located all over the world, CBRE applies these same strategies toward larger businesses and corporations. Attention is still personalized and highly customizable, with an individualistic approach to workplace assessment, analysis, and change management. With its stellar international reputation, CBRE is a worthy option for large companies in need of a revitalized workplace management strategy.

19. JLL


Providing a well-rounded approach to business strategy, JLL offers services that utilize strategies to improve employee engagement as part of the big picture. Services include space optimization for a more welcoming environment at reduced cost, proactive change management, communication plans, and a frequently updated blog providing the latest workforce-related insights.

Training and Assistance for HR and Leadership

20. Aileron

Aileron-logo copy

A non-profit serving private businesses operating at the national level, Aileron offers a trademarked Professional Management System that includes a Course for Presidents (their flagship program), along with courses for senior executives and managers. Glowing, detailed testimonials and an ongoing blog do much to sell the program as a highly effective option for those looking to improve employee engagement through more effective leadership.

21. TriNet 


The success of a company’s Human Resources department can go a long way in determining the level of employee engagement and fulfillment. When team members feel respected and cared for in terms of their rights and benefits, their commitment to their employers will often hold firm through more variable circumstances.

In recognizing this essential need, TriNet offers strategic services, TriNet Cloud applications, and software bundles specific to the unique needs of a business’s Human Resources department.

Corporate Offsite Companies

22. Game Truck  


The approach to corporate events and retreats has evolved greatly in recent years. Gone are the days of interminable, droning lectures and trust-fall exercises. While offsite events can still provide useful opportunities for brainstorming, team-building, and strategizing, employers have recognized that doubling the retreat as an earnest thank-you to hardworking team members is a highly valuable step in the effort to improve employee engagement.

Game Truck  is a company that recognizes this. Offering a mobile location for corporate events, they offer video games, karaoke, and other options to allow team members to unwind and blow off steam. When business leaders participate with their team members, business-employee relationships have the potential to improve exponentially within a few short years.

23. Carillon Hotel and Spa


Recommended by Business Insider as a top retreat location, Carillon Hotel and Spa is an ideal destination for companies that place a strong value on employee health and wellness. The Miami Beach resort offers a range of options to leave team members feeling rested and rejuvenated, including spectacular ocean views, a world-renowned spa, and healthy gourmet meals.

24. Adventure Associates

adventure associates

For those seeking a corporate retreat with a bit more oomph, Adventure Associates will organize and facilitate a fully customized retreat specific to your company’s needs and goals. Programs tend to focus on the traditional team building and corporate training retreats, but activity options such as rope courses and team sailing promise a thrilling good time for all participants. Glowing reviews from across the internet speak well for the programs’ popularity among business leaders and team members alike.

25. Woodland Resorts

Awesome Office Woodlands Resort

The Woodlands Resort – Photo by Stewart Cohen Pictures

For those in or near the state of Texas, the Woodlands Resort comes highly recommended by D Magazine for its serene atmosphere, Hawaiian Fest, and Restaurants of the World event. Recent family-friendly additions include waterslides, clowns, and face-painters, making it a fantastic option for businesses that employ a high number of parents. Fans of this location admit that a trek down I-45 can make it a little tough to reach, but that the destination is more than worth it.


As you can see, there’s a wealth of fantastic options available for Human Resource managers and business leaders to help bring the awesome to your office. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything all at once. Start small, and make incremental changes to your office and start seeing results. And as always, be sure to tailor these options to fit your particular culture, values, and business needs.

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