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The Association of Workplace Engagement (AWE) is dedicated to helping companies improve employee engagement, productivity and wellness for the purpose of optimizing the workplace experience. Put more simply, we assist companies in transforming their traditional workspaces into better places to work, or Awesome Offices.
This results in increased production and ROI for the organization, enhanced enjoyment and fulfillment for the employees, and a greater positive impact for society. And of course, a lot more fun!
Only 25% of business leaders have an employee engagement strategy.
Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity.

Current annual employee engagement spend in the US is $720 million.


When employees are engaged, enjoy their work environment, and experience a high degree of wellbeing, they’re more productive, more likely to stick around (higher retention), and more valuable to the companies that employ them. They’re happier too.
When combined with agility and proper alignment, a group of engaged and happy employees can produce extraordinary results, tremendous innovations and phenomenal breakthroughs. These experiences are typical in Awesome Offices, but hard to achieve outside of them.
Our future depends on our ability to create workspaces that are more aligned with the needs of today’s generation: increased collaboration, enhanced wellbeing, an abundance of trust, community-centered, and purpose-driven. We want to help companies achieve this, and experience the magic that results when it occurs.


AWE achieves its goals by way of uniquely fun and educational live events – the Awesome Office event series – along with a robust online content platform and a curated network of vendor partners dedicated to improving employee engagement.
Awesome Office Events: You’ve never had this much fun at a HR-focused event (and you’ll learn quite a bit too). At AWE, we believe human resources, culture optimization, and workplace engagement is sexy, and our events prove it.

  • Gathering of 150+ HR leaders & innovative executives from LA area

  • Beautiful venue that showcases latest office trends & award-winning features

  • 2-3 hours of jam packed education, innovation and slightly wild fun

  • Top-notch speakers from the leading companies giving you their best tips and tricks

  • Local farm-to-table food & an Open Bar (come hungry and thirsty!)

  • Demos from hand-selected AWE vendor partners that you want to experience

  • Awesome Office Playground featuring vendor tables with products & services you actually want at your office

  • Seriously awesome raffle prizes (really, these are awesome) and swag bags

AWE Vendor Network: Optimizing your workplace to become an Awesome Office can be a taxing and overwhelming task. We make it easier by bringing you the best of the best vendors that can help you get to where you want to go, one step at a time. Gain access to special vendor deals & promotions & learn about innovative products, services and strategies that you can take back and discuss with your team.


HR Leaders
People are a company’s most valuable asset and we believe in celebrating the people whose job is to focus on optimizing this asset. To us, HR Leaders are absolute rockstars, and should be treated as such.
People & Culture-Focused Executives
In addition to HR Leaders, Awesome Office events bring together top executives who are deeply passionate about continually improving their cultures, workplace environments, and the experience of their employees.
Employee Engagement Focused Vendors
AWE’s exclusive group of vendor partners provide companies with novel, innovative and easy-to-implement products, services and strategies to improve their employee engagement. This exclusive group of vendor partners has been hand-selected to ensure that only the best companies are represented through AWE and our Awesome Office events.
Industry-Leading Speakers & Panelists
AWE brings together the most experienced, innovative and passionate speakers to educate the Awesome Office audience in a fun and energetic way. Learn from those who have built some of the best workplace environments, hear stories and shared experiences from those who have witnessed both cultural success and failure, and gain insights on some of today’s most bleeding-edge employee engagement strategies.


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